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  1. Okay so if you look at the aluminum pistons supplied these days you will notice that the lands for the rings are progressively smaller in diameter with the smallest at the top where the most expansion will be. These newer pistons are designed to allow for the extra expansion of the aluminum nearest the combustion and the tolerance at the skirt should be as stated by the piston supplier which was 2 to 3 thousands from the supplier I bought from. Also, yes aluminum pistons expand more but they also conduct and release heat more efficiently then cast iron so extra clearance at the skirt is not necessary. If the suggestion to allow 0.006" at the skirt is followed then very quickly piston slap may occur as the cylinder walls wear in.
  2. This is a Tillotson model JR-5 and is an aftermarket replacement for Chevrolet. Two models of Carter brass bowl carbs were used in 1929. The early cars had a Carter 125S and can be recognized by a short fat accelerator pump and the later 1929s used a Carter 136S that had a long skinny pump. There are kits available for the Tillotson and if you look you can find the Carters. Be careful if you buy rebuilt Carters and I recommend you ask around the VCCA Chev Club for reputable rebuilders. Also the Carter 150S carb from 1930/31 can be used on the 1929. These may need re-jetting.
  3. Hello, I have pictures of similar Chevrolet parts on my Facebook page "Automotive Wood Bodies" that you can view. They may help you. Also I can make the pieces you need if you provide the pieces to work from. My e-mail is
  4. I have seen this show and visited their shop. Very hype and they are expensive. The unfortunate thing is I have heard from many that they are hacks. The scoop I hear is that they make it look great but the mechanical works is substandard. I didn't believe such would be the case until I saw one of their shows where the mechanic "fixed" a Caddy transmission by taking it out on the road and running through gears ( including reverse) while under power. I always wondered how far that client got after picking up that car. After seeing that I stopped watching.
  5. To weigh in on the actual topic, I will give an example of pricing for the Durant model M-4 Sedan I am presently doing. To start with I checked the current pricing of a comparable Model A which was a 29 Briggs Fordor. I took that price (given blueprints exist and these kits are quantity manufactured) and added some premium for one off work, back engineering, and jig construction and priced the complete wood structure ( including door wood and new seat wood) assembled ready for tin installation in the neighborhood of $12000,00. The M-4 Durant body is not terribly complex and The 1929 Chevrolet sedan I am doing would probably fall closer to $16-17K. Pricing depends on body complexity (lots of angles and complex curves means more jig work) and how much back engineering is required to ensure the body is returned as close to original dimensions as can be determined. Now given that other makes then Ford will not have the volume, I wouldn't expect wood could be produced at lesser cost. If people are not willing to pay the cost for readily available Ford kits I don't expect them to be willing to pay premiums for other makes either. That leaves those people who really want the car and not too concerned with cost or return on investment. I expect that wood could not be produced cheaper then I can do, as presently I have zero overhead. Soon I will be expanding to a larger space and costs will increase for me but I am planning on absorbing most of that cost as this is mostly fun for me. All the best,
  6. HI Mr. Hausmann. I love the Kissel. Great resurrection! A real unique body and I am happy to see it saved.
  7. Restorer32 that's not my door. It is my comment and it seems you didn't read everything I said. The doors can be done but I did say that if they didn't fit the body may need work too. On all the doors I have seen, most have tin on the inside faces that the outer skin crimps too. Aside from some minor adjustment the skin position will be governed by these inside pieces. Sculpture is not what was done to create these bodies, they were designed and engineered. As such they all follow truisms of carriage work design and engineering principals.
  8. I can rebuild from this. You don't need the car to make doors. If they don't fit then the body needs work too. The problem with supplying wood pieces or kits is there are no patterns but for original wood in the body. I have concentrated on body engineering and studying techniques so I can design wood if required. As such I primarily re-wood bodies and could offer parts if I have the piece to copy or have the part already. On my Facebook page "Automotive Wood Bodies" I have pictures of wood in progress for a 1929 Chevrolet Cabriolet. This car I have very limited patterns for and a great deal will be engineered to fit the steel using "Fisher" style construction. I am also re-wooding a Durant and learning about "Budd" body building techniques. Cost unfortunately is high as this is custom work and demand is limited for any one body style. Do I need the car? Quick answer is yes if the wood is expected to fit the steel. Many people don't realise that as the wood and joints fail these bodies sag, bow, flex, droop and swell so that measurements from the body 80 years later may not reflect the new condition of the body. You need to know the design elements of these bodies to determine the body shape and rebuild to that. The wood for a low dollar car may easily cost as much time and material as a high dollar car so one should really want the car and hopefully they understood the investment required before purchasing. Having said all this I believe anyone can do it themselves if they are patient and are prepared to educate and equip themselves to do so
  9. Barring sheet metal repair, to re-wood this body with sheet metal re-installed ready to paint would be $20000 to $25000. Any rust repair required would be extra and based on extent of work.
  10. Hi. here are pictures of the radio unit I have that would go nicely with this control head. There is a head with it but it is missing the frequency dial and some innards. $150 plus shipping to whomever wants it.
  11. Okay so I found same style hinge on Packard touring cars but the doors look different. Found some Auburn pictures but nothing definitive. Still looking.
  12. I was hoping the hinge detail, handle and interior stitching design would be good telltales as to what it belongs to. Most pictures show the basic shape of the door but I haven't seen any detail photos of old touring cars to get a definitive idea. So far REO around 1915 is my best guess but that could be way off. Thanks for the input and hopefully somebody recognizes the detail.
  13. The original top mouldings are two piece. A channel nails down and then a cover is hammered over it. The underside of the trim has a dovetail and the channel sides bend over to hold it. I can send some pictures to you of it. I have two Oshawa built 1929 Chevrolets and am slowly getting the wood done for and yes they are maple and maple actually works nicely. My woodwork can be seen on my Facebook page "Automotive Wood Bodies". regards
  14. Found this old door and at first I thought it might be REO but found picture of Packards with same style hinge. Not sure about Packard as the pictures I found have outside handles and different style. Found Auburn pictures but nothing clear enough to be sure. If anyone has a better idea I would appreciate it. I do woodwork for cars and I want to rebuild this as a workshop wall hanger but it would be nice to know what it fits. Thanks in advance
  15. Thanks, if this is the one that does not have the three vent holes like later ones then I would be interested in buying. Could you e-mail ma at regards
  16. Could you show a picture of the top of the rocker cover? Does it have vents and condition, especially pin holes and rust through. Regards
  17. These do not look to belong to 1929, 1930 or 1931. Maybe later years, I do not know.
  18. Ads get buried quickly here. I have many parts that I will be adding to my facebook page "Antique and Vintage Car Parts". I put some on here but this is not a user friendly forum so I concentrate my efforts on my own page. You can view it without being a facebook member.
  19. I have a complete radio that goes with this control head if anyone is interested. Will ship to Canada or lower 48 US states for total price of $195 US shipping included. Other locations may require extra for shipping cost. So if you want a radio buy this control head and get the main cabinet from me!
  20. Agreed, the Cabriolet designation was used by many companies and did not necessarily mean a convertible. Chevrolet produced a Cabriolet in 1927 that was a coupe with a soft top but did not fold down. They came out with the Convertible Cabriolet for 1928 and 1929, skipped 1930 and had one again starting in 1931.
  21. I want $1800 US plus shipping cost to destination. Regards
  22. I have an extra radio unit that goes with this head. Sell to whomever buys this if they need it. I don't need it.
  23. I do not have any of these Auburn carbs at this time. As stated I have mostly pre 1931 Brass bowl carter carbs available. Regards