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    wood wheel hub

    Still looking. Anyone got a stash of wood spoke wheels?
  2. Looking for a good rear floor pan for a 1929 Chevrolet Sedan. Only the floor from the Sedan (four door) will fit. The Imperial four door bodies are different.
  3. 1928 1929 Chevrolet. Pontiac in 1928 also used same axle.
  4. I have a pair of Anchor brand pedal pads new in the box for the following cars: Pontiac 1932-53, Oldsmobile 1934-39, Buick (see Buick ads), Hudson 1948-53, Nash 1938-53, Kaiser 1949-52 and Frazer 1949-51. $25 US plus cost to ship.
  5. I have new in box Anchor brand pedal pads for Buicks (except dynaflow) 1937-39 Models 40 60, 1940 Models 40 50 60 70 and 1941-52 all models. $25 US plus cost to mail.
  6. Received the Star touring body. Will be starting it soon.
  7. I thought I would throw it out here as well. Never know as not every Chev owner is on VCCA site. Looking for a good rear seat panel for my 1929 4 door Sedan. I have the original but it is pretty sad. I can make one but if I find a good original it would save me the trouble. Its the panel that nails to the wood subfloor and the rear seat bottom sits on top of it. See attached pictures. Regards
  8. I will be having a 1924 Star Touring coming in later this month. I will be posting pictures on my facebook page "Automotive Wood Bodies". Keep a lookout for a 1930 Nash as well.
  9. I have several trico wiper motors. Do not know by model # so would need picture of what you need. regards.
  10. Yes I knew that. I do not know why I typed Hudson. Duhhhh! I have some Hudson around somewhere and probably had them on my mind when listing these Hupmobole ones. Thanks for advising.
  11. I have some armored wire like what was used in the day.
  12. I have four hubcaps for I believe 1931 Hupmobile. These are for wood wheels. Very nice for their age and have two fronts and two rears. There are a few dents that will need repair but the threaded areas are fine. Lots of pictures. $150.00 US plus shipping cost for the set.
  13. SPark arrestor or inlet deflector for 1929 Pontiac. Solid unit with superficial rust. Very few to be found. $120.00 US plus shipping. May also fit 1928 and 1930.
  14. One complete original radio for 1936 Ford. Excellent head and also has speaker. My father had it in storage for his car but the car was sold many years ago. Just found it so now available. $600.00 US plus shipping cost
  15. CNC probably won't work as these cars weren't held to tolerances tight enough to allow true interchangeability of wood parts. Also include poor assembly line QC and it is difficult the to produce wood parts that will fit every car. Also add differing body styles and limited common pieces there would be no real quantity savings. Given the high number of makes, body styles, year to year changes, and loose (by modern standards) tolerances the only real fix is making and hand fitting parts to a specific body. One size fits all will probably result in less then satisfactory fit which I have seen on many restorations using self made and purchased wood pieces alike.
  16. As I said I have one of each door pictured on my Facebook page. I cannot see a Cabriolet door working on a coupe but anyway look at the pictures I have and then tell me. By the way there is only superficial trim and paint differences between US and Canada GM production during that era. regards
  17. So I am hoping to take things to the next level and get organized to really produce solutions for those needing wood for vintage and antique cars. To this end I have started a Go Fund Me campaign for "Automotive Wood Bodies". Check it out on and help out if you can.
  18. I would say they are not aware of the value of a 1931 Cadillac Cabriolet. Worth much more as an original restored car then any configuration they could conceive of as a rodded or customized car. Sad.
  19. I have a really nice rear fender for 1929 1930 Pontiac Sedan and Coach model 6-29, 6-29A and 6-30. Pictures are on my Facebook page "Antique and Vintage Car Parts" for viewing. Other Pontiac parts are also pictured there. Only correspond via e-mail indicated on that page.
  20. Pictures of the doors I have available as well as other 1929 Pontiac parts are on my Facebook page "Antique and Vintage Car Parts".
  21. Coupe and cabriolet doors are different. I have one of each. I have pictures of Pontiac parts on my Facebook page " Antique and Vintage Car Parts" if you wish to have a look. regards
  22. She measures 42 3/4" front to back. About 10 1/2" wide and the front mounting holes are spaced 3 3/4" with the first one 1 1/2" from the inside edge. Thanks.
  23. I have one which I believe is a drivers side. Need to pull it out as I haven't look at it for a while. Shipping may be a problem as I am in Ontario, Canada.