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  1. Anybody swap the hydromatic for a late model chevy transmission? I came across a transmission plate option and can get a transmission easy. My current transmission I was told was in good shape just didn't always down shift correctly. Just looking at options want to be as reliable as possible.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, was considering the aerosol option, nominee. I am lucky enough to be doing the engine outside the car. That intake is Cast Iron Grey, correct? I am going with Black intake and grey exhaust for mine. Has anyone used the chassis black from Bill or something else? I used KBS on my Truck but that was bare metal frame, so far stuff has been bullet proof. First stuff I ever used that the brush strokes vanished.
  3. Did you use the Aerosol or Enamel? If enamel did you brush or Spray?
  4. That is what I needed Thanks
  5. Do any other makes fit? Just need some to throw on cheap tires to get on a trailer
  6. 1953 Pontiac Chieftain No Post Straight 8 Project need to get a car on trailer tires currently don't hold air. So would like to show up with tires to swap on to car. Do Chevy or GMC rims work? Appreciate any help
  7. I need to pic up a 1953 Chieftain I just bought, tires won't hold air. Would like to grab some cheap rims tires to make loading easier. Trying to figure out which rims would fit? I tried looking it up but am struggling this is my first Pontiac