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  1. Sounds good, appreciate the video with multiple examples
  2. Nope my water pump just has the 5/8” nub on it to center the fan
  3. Here is the 6 Blade fan I used Allstar ALL30100 18" Diameter 5/8" Pilot Hole Steel Mechanical Type Radiator Fan with 6-Blade https://www.amazon.com/Allstar-ALL30100-Diameter-Mechanical-Radiator/dp/B006K8IOQS
  4. I have finished rebuilding the cooling system, new water pump, 6 Blade Fan and radiator boiled out. It looks like I am showing 35 to 40F, about 20C drop from radiator inlet to bottom outlet at the neck. It did seem to drop down a bit closer to 30F once the Thermostat opened up. All this was done at idle, it sure feels like the 6 blade fan moves a lot more air. Test drive today or tomorrow outside temp should by 100+F going to take some roads with a lot of traffic to simulate cruising. Sure hope this solves it, if not I guess aluminum radiator would be next step?? Always appreciate everyone that responds, all most guys know is put an LS in it and move on. Russ- Where did you get the Headlight bezels? Are those off a Chevy?
  5. In case you cant get that fan squared up. I just INSTALLED A 6 BLADE FAN ALL30100 18", ALLSTAR FROM AMAZON. Allstar ALL30100 18" Diameter 5/8" Pilot Hole Steel Mechanical Type Radiator Fan with 6-Blade Clears the Harmonic balancer, a flexlite aluminum did not would have needed a good size spacer. I chose this one because it also looks to be era appropriate.
  6. Very cool this is a good place to find help with this era of Pontiac cars, google is ruff for Pontiac knowledge. Get a Shop Manual off Ebay those are good for figuring stuff out and message board research helps. Don't be afraid to dive in and work on them, this is my first pre 1960 car and 6V. Good Luck
  7. Since I finally have a runner I have been working on my maintenance program for the car, using the Shop Manual. I have researched on here and other places to find the consensus modern equivalent for all the fluids. So I thought I should put it in a list so people can give their two cents With my classics I have learned to have a list of all the proper fluids. Car 1954 Straight 8 With Hydromatic Transmission Climate is California Hot Summers 100+F but no Humidity Oil Bath Air Cleaner: Valvoline VR1 SAE50 Engine Oil Modern: Shell Rotella 15W-40 Transmission: Valvoline Dexron III Brake Fluid: ACDELCO Dot 3 Radiator: Carquest AllMakes(Green) AntiFreeze/Distilled Water 50/50 Im not picky on brand these are just what my favorite store has on shelf Anyone running different fluids? Would like to hear what everyone is using,
  8. Got my order in the mail just yesterday from CPR, great service as always
  9. I use a infra gun and I am seeing 18-20 degrees from top neck to bottom neck consistently. Do you see similar temp drop from your radiators?
  10. Any one running a CheeryBomb or other glasspack? I was considering it because I like that sound but I am used to dual exhaust and high horsepower cars. Looking for that distinctive sound I hear from 40 to early 50 bombers
  11. Sweet, will give that a try, I have just always called
  12. When the water pump comes or I have to pull out the Radiator, I will definitely be inspecting that tube. Been looking at getting a 6 blade universal fans that look some what original that I can black out to match. Should install new thermostat next week, waiting on the collar. Side note where did you source that Generator? Note: Called CPR and they are closed due to Virus currently
  13. All arguments be damned, that is a truth. That is a truth in manufacturing since it started
  14. So after getting some drive time with my new 54 and reading some threads here. I noticed my car is running 3/4 of the way on my temp gauge, so I started looking at the cooling system. This is with an outside temp of 83F and we usually run over 100 most of July and August. Using a heat gun I had I am seeing a 16-19 degree drop across the radiator. Is that what you guys see? Then I went to changed the radiator hoses rinsed out the radiator and refilled. So I cruised again about the same time similar traffic temp gauge hovered slight lower between half and 3/4. During my changing of hoses I did notice a lack of a Thermostat installed. So I am working on remedying that shortly just waiting on the parts. I see conflicting ideas on if you need one but since it did I want to have it correct. Here is my question what is the best way to determine if the water pump is the issue or the radiator? In my other classics I just yank the old one and put in an aluminum unit, I paint it black so with the hood down you cant tell. Im not a crazy person. But since a drop in replacement is kind of expensive, I want to make sure that is the right move.
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