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  1. Fenders look like they might be 1911 or 1912 EMF
  2. Looks like Overland, early teens right hand rear door. No outside handle. no wood trim at top of door.
  3. The Oldsmobile looks more like a 1912 Olds Autocrat 7 passenger rather then a Limited, based on the length of the hood
  4. Phil What thrust bearing did the tool shop use for the clutch. (brand / part number) I am at this step on my 12 Overland restoration and need to make a decision on how to get this together. Ray
  5. Hope Brad0717 got his keys out of the trunk. Got a little snow up here is Michigan so the Oldsmobile are safely tucked away until nice weather. Ray
  6. I have done this with my 74 Olds Delta 88 convertible, if you are small enough you can cut the top well material and go over the back seat and get in the trunk. Once over the seat you end up on the spare tire so you dont have a lot of room to move. The back of the back seat will come out but the metal support bracing behind the seat will not allow access into the trunk. Cut the well at the back so when it drops it leaves you an opening to the trunk, if you cut the front (behind the seat) you will have to fight your way around this material to get in the trunk. You will then have to get the top well fixed. Good Luck. Ray
  7. looks like 1910 Overland model 40
  8. They appear to Overland fenders and hood
  9. The 1911 Oldsmobile Autocrat from the 1948 Parade picture is currently owned by the gentleman that owns RM auctions. The car has not changed much since the picture. This and the Millers car are the only two 7 passenger Autocrats.
  10. That Olds can still draw a crowd. Those pictures of the Oldsmobile were taken in 1947 when the previous owner took the Limited on a cross country trip from Ohio out to the East coast, then to the West coast and back, He lived in Cleveland area drive the car for the entire trip.
  11. The picture with the Hudson and the Oldsmobile. The Oldsmobile is a 1911 Autocrat 7 passenger touring car. The car belongs to the Miller family on Georgia. I don't have any information about the Hudson.
  12. The Olds Limited was not judged, exhibited only
  13. It looks like it will be a lot work, the Olds looks to be a 1905 not a 1902 based on the radiator position.
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