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  1. Glredmanii Put on your Niki High Tops and run real fast. No Title no money. There is an old saying " A Fool and his Money is soon Parted"
  2. Ok guys something I know about. LOL I just went through this and used the vinegar, nut and bolts, CLR and rocks, Canadian Tire gas tank cleaning kit. After spending Over $100.00 and the tank wasn't cleaned good enough and I fooled around for 3 weeks i ended up taking it to Toronto and having professionals do the job. Less stress and Tanks like bran new with 3 year warranty. Total cost in Toronto $300.00. I could have got a new one in the us but the shipping was 285.00
  3. Rusty_OTool I have a brother who is a mechanic.When i had it tilt and loaded to where i live a year and a half ago my brother took out the plugs and i don't know what he poured down them he let it sit a day.He put in new plugs ran a hose into a gas can (not sure when it ran last about 10 years prior) and what the gas tank was like or the gas in it.He had me pour some gas down the carb as he turned it over from a Tim Horton's cup and after about 3 rolls she fired right up, It smoked a bit at first then cleared up. My brother couldn't believe how good it sounded. Ran it about 45 min. We later found out my brother in-law had rebuilt the motor and it has about 500 miles on it. We had to rebuild the master cylinder, peddle went to floor and wouldn't come back up. He says we have to change all the fluids next.I live off a tight budget so baby steps. I don't take advantage of my brother and don't expect him to work for free.Took off the gas tank and it was rusty inside so sent it to Toronto to be reconditioned $300.00 pick it up this week. I will have it on the road this summer. The good thing is i have lots of spare parts. There was another one stripped down for parts so i have another transmission. I will take your advise and research it . i drive a 5 speed now. The 1941 shop manual was in the car so that is another bonus.Also my brother in-law was a mechanic and owned the car for 50 years before he passed away so he kept it up. The reason it needs new tire was it was in a garage and sat for quite some time. The tires had gone flat and it was sitting on the rims for a long time because they were full of cracks.
  4. Terry B i think your wife is a very thoughtful person. To purchase the painting for u says it all.Cherish it and do hang it on a wall. I lost my husband 2 years ago to cancer. I would give anything for him to walk in and give me such a wonderful gift.
  5. GregLaR Ive been pricing the tires you suggested. The price varies depending on the maker of the tire. You purchased Gladiators but i cant seem to find that brand where i live in Canada. i have been looking at all season and summer as you also mentioned not to get an aggressive tire. Does it matter what brand? To some that might be a silly question but i can put in gas. check the oil and drive lol. Also its a fluid drive so driving may be a bit tricky.
  6. I will probably be trying the suggestion from Greg Lt 215/85/16 tires. See how it goes then the original Rims and hub caps can be used. Will keep u all posted on how that works out. That way others can choose that option if they want.
  7. Raidmagic I just posted a photo in the form of the dodge i bought from my brother in-laws estate. He owned it 50 years was married 50 years and had no children to leave it to. His wife my sister in-law passed away 5 weeks after he did. i joined the form last Saturday and needed help with a tire issue. The form was a great help.
  8. I was asked to post a photo of my 41 dodge by members. After 3 hours of trying i finally figured it out.
  9. This is a photo of the 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner. The one that needs new Tires lol As you can see its a nice solid old car.
  10. Raidmagic Very nice video of this. i enjoyed watching it.I think when you restore an old car from a friend or family member who passed away it takes on a more personal meaning than just buying one.
  11. The problem was everything added on to the price of the tires, tubes, taxes, shipping. exchange rate and a fee for ordering in specialty tires. That is why I wanted to change the rims to something else.
  12. Ok guys thank-you all for the reply lots of information I will try to post some photos. This car was owned for over 50 years by my brother in law who passed away last year from cancer. I bought it from the estate because he had started to redo it just a year before he passed away. He had sanded it down to have it repainted. He rebuilt the motor, all new brake line ,gas lines , wheel cylinders, drums, pistons ect..I just sent the tank away to have it redone and pick it up this week in Toronto. I want to finish it for him. Sounds crazy because i know nothing about old cars but its something i want finish for him. It has the suicide doors and split hood. A few guys offered to buy it but i have said shes a keeper and will be staying in our family. The original ply tires 600 16 are cheap enough to buy but the problem is the shipping fees.It will cost over $2,000.00 to get the tubes, tires and shipping costs so i wanted to change the rims and put a tire on that i can get in Canada.
  13. Thanks Again I have never joined a form before and i don't even know what i am doing. Lol Hopefully will get better at this. I do appreciate the help.
  14. Thanks for the reply keiser31. but is there any special years? Back space 3.5-4 in and center hole is just under 3 in