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  1. After some research they discovered that there are indeed ball joints with integrated worm gear which have the teeth in reverse direction (available with a matching driven gear). What happened was that such a set of driven gear and worm gear was ordered during the makeover of the transmission. The solution was to order a new set with the worm gear pointing in the other direction - which will reverse the driven gears turn direction which then will make the speedometer operate when driving forward. Strange things happen for sure - but why always with my cars... 😉
  2. tank & the other Buick fellows, your comments are appreciated: I'll be meeting the guys at the engine shop tormorrow in the morning and now I've got some questions I can ask and some things we can try 🙂
  3. ah... that's what I needed to know: initially my oil pressure is between 50% and (H)igh - after driving a while it drops when idling, but returns to high as soon as I hit the gas pedal... I've got the original driver's manual - but sadly it doesn't contain anything like "how to read your Buick's gauges". I'm sure there was some kind of engineering intention with the while arc when they designed this car - but the knowledge what it really means seems to be lost now (it isn't mentioned in the shop manual either)...
  4. Just to explain: The engine received the break in not inside the car but on a test stand. For breaking in the new engine they used a special oil which was replaced by the 20W50 afterwards - but I don't know the type. The explanation for choosing the 20W50 was that the 50ies engines have gaskets which always leak a little bit - using heavy oil reduces the amount of oil working its way through the gaskets...
  5. Oil type is 20W50 and about 160 miles since rebuild. The idle speed should be at factory level because the original Carter carb is still in there (also rebuilt)
  6. I got my 1955 Super's engine rebuilt in January. Before my idle oil pressure was about 50% after 10 miles - and it never went below that. After the rebuild it goes down now to the end of the white arc (like in the picture attached) and it stays on 50% only for the first 5 miles when the oil is still cold. I can't tell whether a) the rebuild restored the perfect factory-like settings and the lefthand-side of the white arc is OK OR b) something went wrong with the oil pump re-assembly and I lost significant oil pressure Can the needle go any lower than that - or does this position mean the engine has still about 10 PSI pressure? Maybe some of you Buick veterans can enlighten a newbie like me 🙂 Best regards Ralph
  7. Hi guys, I'm currently in progress of restoring a 1955 Super. During the winter months the engine and transmission were completely rebuilt. One of the things I hoped to fix was the speedometer: the speedo never worked before because one of the previous owners (for some reason unknown) removed all of the teeth from the driven gear! So after the transmission was rebuilt a replacement driven gear was inserted and I expected everything just to work fine... BUT: The speedometer now only works in reverse gear! Everyone keeps telling me that this is just impossible... To double check I used another redline speedo AND another speedo cable (just in case the other one was twisted inside) - but the effect remains the same: the redline only shows in reverse gear... I am quite sure that neither the transmission nor the speedometer were ever modified or "enhanced" by some third party parts. When the engine was opened it turned out that it was never ever serviced before... Anyone experienced something like this before? Kind regards Ralph
  8. I'm trying to restore my 1955 Buicker Super to its original beauty - sadly many rubber parts were removed when it once was repainted (long before I owned it). The missing rubber parts now make the whole ride experience err... kinda clanky :-) Currently I wonder what kind of insulation (rubber, felt stip, ...) was originally installed between the front door and the window - from both sides (inside out and outside in) I can see the bare metal (see picture below). Would be cool if anyone could provide a photo of the original door insulation!
  9. I see, Doggy - but the problem is: I'll have to order thingy in Trumpistan - so I need the correct english part name :-)
  10. Hi all, I just noticed that a tiny something (let's call it a thingy - because I'm from Germany and can't name those special automotive parts very precisely :-) got lost somehow... The thingy is a metal cover which pulls down the flipper rail when closing the door. If you know where I could get a replacement thingy me and my 55 Buick would be eternally grateful... Kind Regards Ralph