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  1. Thank you to my wonderful judging team for doing such a great job:  Mike Graff, Gail DeMauriac, and John Pieczynski!  Having only a four-person team, working in the heat while wearing face masks, they stepped up to the challenge and did a terrific job.  (We removed our mask briefly to take the photo--we didn't want to look like a "Wanted" poster.)  I look forward to seeing everyone in Hershey!


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  2. Thank you to fellow AACA member and judge Elysee Marshall for forwarding me the obituary of Vicki Wood, who broke down barriers to women in auto racing and set speed records in the process.  According to her obituary, Ms. Wood, who died on 5 June, was the first woman to race at the Daytona International Speedway (1959) and she won 48 races between 1953-1963.  Read her obituary--it's very interesting.  I'm sorry I didn't know more about her before now and didn't get to meet her.



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  3. Thanks to my Judging Team in Ocala--John, John (Jack), Edward (Ned), and Louis (Lou).  You guys were great!  I look forward to serving with you again at future AACA National!


    To those who didn't make it to the 2019 Winter National, there were some great cars there.  The owners should be proud!  

    Marion's Judging Team - Ocala FL - 23 Feb 2019.jpg

  4. We had a terrific judging team in Auburn.  We still think the chief judge thought he had assigned an all ladies team because of the spelling of Wray's name.  Fortunately, Wray has a good sense of humor.


    Despite the rain, we had a great time.  Thanks to Anne, Jessica, Rachel, and Wray, 

    Auburn Judging Team - 12 May 2018.jpg

  5. Besides 150+ AACA eligible vehicles in our "Preserving the Past" part of the meet and another 100+ Mods & Rods in the other part of the show, we have several other highlights in our annual meet this year:


    - The AACA Library & Research Center's 1955 Chevrolet Bookmobile will be the centerpiece highlight of our special display commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Chevrolet Trucks.  (As Jerry Adams said, we're looking for all Chevy trucks to participate--if you have one, we'd love to see it at our show.  RK Chevrolet will have the new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado on display (new body style) and, we hope, one of the 2018 100th Anniversary Edition Silverados.)


    - The Military Aviation Museum will have a flight demo at 1 PM of its WWII Me-262 German jet (one of only a handful remaining in the world and one of only 1-2 that are flyable)


    - Hagerty Youth Judging and other youth activities.


    If you haven't been to the Tidewater Region's annual meet at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach before, this is the year to do it.  Old cars, old planes, great people, Terry Bond is going to present a seminar (and promises great weather)--what more could you ask?

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