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  1. 1924 Oakland very complete turns over has key for transmission and the doar to keep mud out $200 Mike 50 miles south of Seattle 253 212 8355
  2. can you tell me what this is fore made by sunnen Mike 253 212 8355
  3. made by Sunnen Mike 253 212 8355 Enybody have an idea what this is fore
  4. My name is Mike Isham I have a 1930 Buick that needs a new home ! SOON ! I have $7,000.00 in recites / New wiring harness / New fire wall mat / Motor was rebuilt (in the 70s) new pistons new babet / about 1/2 the plating done for inside of car / lots of new rubber parts / car is very rust free and i am the second owner / wheels are in excellent shape newer tires that hold air / Car has heater and radio / possible delivery within 1,000 miles of Washington state ? car is 50 miles south of Seattle / Mike 253 212 8355 I would like to get $ 4,500.00 but am not insulted by offer / lost storage don't want to move it again
  5. It's gone no longer available both of them
  6. It's gone no longer avalable
  7. Maxwell not sure on years Free in Enumclaw wa Going to long beach ca first of next month Mike 253 212 8355 2 different motors
  8. Not sure on year FREE in Washington Enumclaw Mike 253 212 8355 i will be going to long beach cal. first of next month Mike 253 212 8355 gone no longer have
  9. Free in Washington state Enumclaw I have 3 of them going to long beach ca first of next month mid 20s Mike 253 212 8355
  10. Very complete Turns over in Enumclaw wa going to long beach CA.first of next month Mike 253 212 8355 on a nice stand $300.00
  11. I will be driving Interstate 5 from Tacoma WA to long beach California first weekend of June Back of PU empty and 1/2 of open car trailer don't want to get off I 5 much / You need to arrange load and removal and making sure its secured to your liking ! for more $ can deviate for pick up or delivery I will be returning empty //// nothing with value over $5,000 Mike 253 212 8355
  12. I am the second owner $ 9,000 dollars in receipts not counting purchase price of car or paint / car is very complete and body is very strait (except R.F. fender) no rust problems / lots of plaiting has been done / lots of new parts $7,000 This car needs to be sold Delivery available within reason Car is in Washington state 253 212 8355 Mike
  13. 1916 Saxon model Continental 14 $200 Turns over
  14. motor is NO COST Mike 253 212 8355 gone no longer have
  15. not sure of year Free 253 212 8355 Mike gone no longer have