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  1. Hello everyone. Im new to the forums here and wanted to share some of the info i have found on this 1916 Hudson super six. Its the manual in PDF format. I hope its okay to post this on the forum. If not please delete this thread for me. I did read the rules section and didnt see anything about sharing stuff like this. Hope it is okay. 1916 Hudson Owners Manual.pdf
  2. You are very good hwellens i was just scrolling thru ebay and came up on that one. Ill have to wait till i see him to show him that. The question he has is about oil capacity. The super six said 5 quarts if you only drain the oil. But 10 quarts if you drain the oil and the troth in the engine. We dont know if that also applys to the 6-40 or if it has troths like the super six. If you have any idea on that one im all ears
  3. Thank you hwellens. I do believe you are correct. During my hunting i just found a site classic car database. According to them this VIN# we have could be a 1916 Phaeton 6-40. Any idea where we could possibly find a manual for this car? We found one in PDF but it was the super 6 model. Im guessing since we now know thanks to your help that its 6-40 not a super six.
  4. Hi everyone. A friend at work recently purchased a Hudson at a auction. They said it was a 1916. However i was actually able to find a 1816 manual and there are things on the car that are not in the manual. So we decided to do a little research and really arent having much luck. I cannot find the manual for the 1915 Hudson as easy as i found the one for the 1916. Probably a fluke that i found that manual actually. So a question for you guys how do we ID this car to know for sure? We found a Number on the car and title that is G15867. Not sure if that is a model number or ID number or VIN number. Any help would be appreciated.