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  1. DrewC

    1936 LC

    This truck and another with a similar paint scheme have been on the market for at least 3 years. This one was out of Las Vegas and the other was out of VA.
  2. I ran across a guy who used to have a '37 Dodge business sedan (his words). I took my '36 Dodge CL 1/2 ton truck over to his place when I went there to do some work. When he sold off his '37 he had an extra radiator that the next owner didn't want so he still has it. It was pressure tested when he was working on it years ago but it's been sitting in a dry barn ever since. He offered it to me but I've got no use for it. Nor do I have any idea what it's worth. If there is someone out there who's interested and knows what a fair price is I'm more than willing to dig a little deeper (pictures & #'s) to get this radiator back into use. No idea what other Chrysler products this radiator might fit on either.
  3. Wow... I'm blown away that the info exists. Thanks! Turns out the engine in my truck was from a 1950 Plymouth 6 De Luxe and Special De Luxe.
  4. Very cool! Good to know it's got a bit more HP than original. It'll break no speed records but can hit 55-60 mph for short periods. Is there any way to tell what the engine was on originally?
  5. Okay, got it. It's P20 (star)4I5I52(star) The two "I"s look like Roman numeral ones.
  6. I've got a 1936 Dodge 1/2 ton pick up. The engine in it is a Plymouth that was put in there well before I bought it. Is there a build date code on the engine that would tell me at least when the engine was made? If so where would it be? I know it was put in there before '72. It runs fine and I'm not planning on replacing it but beyond that I'm just curious.