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  1. Hi Spineyhill, Thank you for your comments. Based on my research and sime litarature found it seems that the S-1431 Philco box was used along with the 1937 dash control head presented by you in 1937 Studebakers. All the best to everyone, Cristian
  2. Hi Studeq, Thank you very much for the tremendous help in providing the installation instructions. These were actually on my mind for a couple of days. Would it be possible to reprint the first two pages and send a scanned larger copy of them as I have trouble reading and figuring out some of the pictures / figures (figure 2 and 4 especially). If it proves easier just send them over to my email: Morever, I am not sure whether I read correctly but on first instruction page I see that these are relevant for Philco S-1437 model. The radio I bought and I am currently restoring is the Philco Radio model S-1431. If you know, could you please let me know if the installation specifications would be the same (I would assume to be pretty much the same but wanted to double check with you)? Thank you very much again for helping me understand better how to install the Philco radio. All the best, Cristian, from Romania
  3. Thank you SMB. I have sent a PM and email to Roy. Will come back to share the info here as well afterwards. All the best, Cristian
  4. Dear Studebaker friends, My name is Cristian and I am living quite far away from you in Romania. I had been blessed to find a 1937 Studebaker Dictator in a rather decent shape 3 years ago and I got in love with its beautiful lines. I had been doing some light work on the car since. Moreover, I have been looking for quite some time for an original Philco radio and I found one at the end of last year which I am restoring for the moment. The car did not came originally with a radio (as it is a radio delete dash). Now, that I am getting to the final stage of restoration for the Philco radio I was wondering if you could help me figure out what type of speaker should I use / buy as well as the size of the original speaker if you know. I have took down the speaker grill (with the three horizontal lines and the S) and behind it I found a round hole with a raised lip on the edge with a diameter of about 4,7 inches. The depth from the face of the grill until the inside of the top ceiling is about 2,35 - 2,75 inches. I have also attached some photos (one showing the raised inside edge of the round hole behind the speaker grill). I would also like to mention that the car still has the 6V battery and electric wiring. Would you happen to know the type of speaker that I should be looking for? Or the size (length, height, depth) of the original speaker? Separately, would you happen to know somebody who might have the left window regulator for a 2 door coupe body? All the best, Cristian, from Romania
  5. Dear Spinneyhill, I just talked to Stephen Allens LLC representatives ( and they said the following: - part # 266209 is for 1936-37 Left Front Window Regulator 2-door (5A-6A, 2C-3C); - part # 265340 is for 1936-37 Left Front Window Regulator 4-door (3A-6A, 2C-3C, J5). 4-door & coupe Express use the same regulator, 2-door car is different. The coupe door is longer than the 4-door. Do you have any experience in using the window regulator for the 4 doors on the 2 door coupe and it worked? Thanks again a lot for all your help, Cristian
  6. Dear Spinneyhill, Thank you very much for your prompt and documented response - it is highly appreciated. I thought initially that it is 37AG-5 but looking closer I think it is a Q - I will check once more. I don't really know if it was made in Canada as I bought it from UK 3 years ago and they did not have accurate past ownership information. You really made my day - thank you a million times. All the best, Cristian
  7. Dear all, My name is Cristian and I have bought two years ago a 1937 Studebaker Dictator 2 door Coupe since I was in love at first sight with the car. I found the car in UK (apparently it was imported during the 1980s) and bought it from the UK individual. The car is in a pretty original state and over the years I am trying to find out more about the car. However, from the moment I bought the car I noticed that the window regulator on the left (driver) side door was not working properly - I tried to work it out but could not make it properly work. As such, I have tried to find online a window regulator for sale that would fit the 1937 Dictator 2 door coupe but really could not found one. My question which I would like you to kindly answer is whether the window regulators on the 1937 Q bodies (Dictator 2 door coupe) are the same with any of the following: - window regulators on the Dictator express (although I did not find a window regulator for such model so far); - windows regulators on the 4 door Dictator cars for the front windows? - window regulators on the 2 door Dictator Sedan cars for the front window? I found those parts: and I trying to figure out if I am having any luck matching the window regulators from another model in the same year or from close years (1936 - 1938). Can any of you shade some light on the above issue? Thank you for all your help, Cristian PS: I have also attached some pictures of the car and the body tag (37 AQ-5)
  8. Hi guys, Thanks a lot for the useful information provided. I have just received an email from Studebaker National Museum ( that they do not hold production order report for the Dictator model. Would you be so kind to let me know whether you know if there is any reliable source of information (pro-bono or against cash) that can be checked to see how the car was originally equipped and accessorized? Cheers, Cristian
  9. Thanks a lot guys for your tremendous help. You are right indeed. I have looked better and I have also taken better pictures and it is indeed a Q as the casting date. Further to your input and my review of the letters it is seems the following numbers are inserted on the engine block: - on top of the engine block: 189328 followed by the date: Q 4 12; - on the bottom of the engine block: > first line: 1236 (I am not sure about the last digit but I thick it is a 6) - do you have any ideea what this first line is supposed to mean? > second line:189195 (i.e. the casting number which you correctly indicated); > third line: again the date: Q 4 12; - the engine number: D.180189 (initially I thought that the last three digits were 789 but looking better at it I tend to believe that the last three digits are 189). Do you think that there is simply a coincidence that the last three digits of the engine number (i.e. 189) are the same as the three digits of the casting numbers (both on top as well as on the bottom of the engine block) or was it intentionally? Thanks a lot for your help and the vast knowledge you are sharing here. All the best, Cristian
  10. Dear all, My name is Cristian and I have recently bought a 1937 Studebaker Dictator Coupe since I could not simply stay away from the beautiful lines of this car - nothing more than love a first sight . I do not have a lot of information on this particular car's history. I have ordered a "Production Order Report" from the Studebaker National Museum ( which is currently being processed in order to gather as much information as possible on the car. However, I have to mention that I bought the car from UK and from my discussions with the past owner it seems the car was imported from US into UK during the 1980's. One thing that is puzzling me is the fact that the numbers on the engine are the following (as shown in the attached pictures which I hope to have uploaded correctly): Engine number (from what i could read seems to be): D.180789 There are the following lines also mentioned on the block (as shown in the pictures): - on top of the block: first line: I89028 ' 3 (or 8) and second line: 2 - on the bottom of the block: first line 1238; second line: 189196 - 1; and third line: G 4 12 - engine number: D180789 (not sure about the last digit). The weird thing is that when checking the UK Registration certificate of the car such certificate mentions a different engine number, namely D.93770 which when checking the website of Studebaker Antique Club ( this particular number D.93770 seems to correspond to a 1936 Studebaker engine. Now, I wanted to ask you with there is any way to decode the numbers mentioned on the engine block (which hopefully I got them right) so that to confirm that these relate to a Studebaker Dictator engine (from 1937 hopefully) or on the contrary. I would also like to mention that the chassis number of the car is 5570064 and I have seen the tag nailed to the frame mentioning this number (unfortunately I forget to take a picture as this was in line with the UK registration papers). There is also another label in the engine bay indicating on the first 37 AQ-5 and the line below 870 as shown in the photos. Can you (anyone) shade some light on the engine and the car as a whole based on the numbers above - i am especially interested if they make sense for you and match or not? Thank you for all your help, Cristian
  11. Hi there, Thanks a lot for all your enlightening info. From all I gathered, the car should be a 37 Coupe body 5A, beam front axle. I wound tend to think positively about the 36 engine being placed originally on the 37 body as it was the same engine. All the best, Cristian
  12. Dear all, This is my first posting here and first all all I have to say that I am overwhelmed by the knowledgeable people and resources found here. As regards my topic I was wondering if someone could confirm whether the following VIN number (5570064) and engine number (D93770) are matching and prove to be the original match of a 1937 Studebaker Coupe. I am really keen on buying the car and I would like o seek some prior confirmation ahead of jumping into it (although emotionally I am already there ). Also, I found a separate label indicating on the first 37 AQ-5 and the line below 870 as shown in the photo (hope it works to upload). Could any of you help me depict what this means? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Cristian