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  1. I need a recommendation for someone to repair my 1956 Buick gas gauge
  2. Does anybody have a spare linkage pointing the other direction for sale
  3. i have a Roadmaster which would seem to require the linkage for a super(big body) but it seems as if the other linkage would work better i.e.not swing to the right . Could i have the wrong bracket? My bracket is shown in earlier post. The pedal mounting for the rod is all the to the left on the pedal (when viewing the rear of the pedal) which would seem to produce a straight action when i press the pedal. this one below would seem to work better could you shoot me a picture of the bracket where the ball joint attaches?
  4. I'm still fighting with my pedal guys I took off my linkage, comparing my picture to your picture it looks like I have the wrong linkage or it's bent backwards what do you think?
  5. i just saw beemons post saying i have the pedal mounted correct - cotter pin on the passenger side now i am really confused
  6. my linkage confuses me: from the pictures posted first by old tank shows the rod going thru the firewall to the pedal has the ball joint pointing one direction and the end attaching to the pedal pointing the other direction (180 degrees) my rod has both ends pointing the same direction. also my rod for the pedal takes a cotterpin. if i remove the rod can i turn it to proper phase/direction? i am out of commission for a bit. i just had 4 stents placed last monday so i should wait a bit before i start wrenching also are those partnumbers the same for 56's as well 55's
  7. Do I not have a Road master pedal. I don't remember changing it out
  8. I think I can just disconnect the ball joint and flip it around on the engine side and the firewall that may work what you think
  9. I just checked my Bellows is again ripped which is part of the problem My pedal has a rubber insert the hole does not look Elongated but I wonder perhaps if I have the shaft it attaches to it put in in the wrong direction the arm is pointing towards the passenger side should it be pointed towards the driver side?
  10. Thanks for response Wooly. I'm trying to visualize where the hinge point is. is it on the firewall side in the engine compartment where it comes through. Or is it inside the car we're goes through the firewall
  11. I have a different problem when I press on my Accelerator pedal it collapses to the middle/right I have to force the pedal the left upright to get full throttle I replaced the Bellows which were torn which improved the matter some what. Any ideas I feel less of something must be bent or maybe I'm missing some supporting strap summer. 1956 roadmaster
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