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  1. Thanks guys, I'll post some pics when I get it out of the garage and cleaned up a bit
  2. I just joined, or I should say rejoined. I was a member 20 some years ago. I have a 63 Rivy that's been stored for the last 12 years. I'm dragging it out of mothballs and working on getting it running, most likely to sell soon. All original, 3rd owner but don't have the time to spend on it. I'm looking to verify the options the options against the ID plate, what can anyone tell me about the Paint color (pp) and the accessories, see attached........... Thanks, Steve
  3. I'm in west central Florida, Clearwater area. I am going to post pictures as soon as I drive it out of the garage and wash it. I believe it's all original and I'm the third owner. A nice project, just wish I had the time to spend on it. Right now it's my #2 priority to get her up and running by next weekend. I went to the parts store today to buy all new ignition parts and should have everything I need by Tuesday to try and fire it up.
  4. Thanks Greg, should have thought of that instead troubleshooting one piece at a time. Does anyone know where to find the cars options based on the ID codes. see attached
  5. I've had a 63 Riviera for about 25 years, the last 12 years it's been stored in the garage. I'm clearing out the garage and getting the Rivy out of mothballs! I'll be looking to get her running again after all this time and most likely will sell it soon. I've got it turning over but it doesn't seem to be firing. I guess the next step is checking the coil and points (original) New Battery New plugs Belts Any quick tips on how to check the coil and capacitor? Thanks for any help, Steve