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  1. Thanks to you all for information! As far as I have found, there is only one straight 8 Reo in Sweden. Trying to locate it now. Guess my engine will just never come in use again, but it is really nice just to look at! Just got it out of the storage it was in for many years.
  2. Ok, -thank´s! With your information I searched photos on the net. A 1931 Flying Cloud 8-30 came up, and there I recognise the rims (steel spoke) and hubcaps that I found near the engine. So, it feels like I am getting close! But there is no way to date the engine from the number on that plate? Per
  3. Not many Volvo posts here, so I´ll add a photo of my 1948 fire truck. Driven only 9700km since new. Crewcab for 9 persons incl driver. Straight six petrol engine. I can sell it, if someone should be interested, but it is in Sweden, an ocean away from the US.
  4. Found this engine here in Sweden. REOs are extremely rare here, maybe we have a handful. The story about the engine is that a farmer bought it during WW2, only for using the axels in order to build a trailer (cars where rather worthless here during WW2, since gasoline was on ration and the army had seized the most commonly sized car tires). The farmer kept booth the engine and body in his barn. Someone bought the body in 1959, but the engine remained. My question: What year is the engine, and what model was it mounted in? It is a straight eight, flathead. I can read REO and CLOUD on the side (maybe there are more letters behind an oil filter container (I believe it is). Plate reads R800-977.
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