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  1. As specified in the title its a 68 Buick Wildcat 2dr passenger quarter window. I believe you are correct by calling it the lift arm roller. The window is power as well. I can submit a picture if necessary but I feel the description will be more suitable.
  2. I know this is kind of for the buy sell category but I've already put a post in that as well. I need to find a roller for my 2dr wildcat rear right side window. Does anyone know if there is a difference in regulators whether its power or manual? Or if the there is actually a difference between 4dr and 2dr regulators. In addition to these questions does anyone have any other advice finding this part. I do not mind buying the whole regulator but I would b prefer the roller just cause its cheaper.
  3. I'm looking for a roller for my wildcat. I believe it fits lesaber and electra 225 but I'm sure it fits many cars. if I have to buy the whole regulator I can but I cant seem to find anything on this. Any Ideas anyone can give me on buying these?
  4. Thanks for the compliments guys! I feel that the fast back look is very similar to the 70's charger. just with more flare at the end.
  5. Needs some work but have to start some time!
  6. The couple parts I have had trouble finding are the wiring harness(All the parts stores give me the wrong one and only the expensive ones are the right ones), the rear window regulators(the right in particular), and the side markers(after actually finding the rear one for sale, after looking forever, it was already sold). I'm located in western NY You are correct on the engine. The 430 was blown and replaced with a 455. I cant complain. Dont worry I will have some pictures up soon. The car is basically rust free but it isnt in great condition. mostly the interior is shot. It was a Utah car after all.
  7. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and had some questions and kinda wanted to introduce myself. So I inherited a 68 wildcat 2 door hard top with a 455. What can people tell me about these cars? Typical Problems.? Parts are very hard to find an they are expensive, and trust me I know what its like to get expensive hard to find parts. I work on BMW's all the time. Any interesting information as well? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, First post on this forum.. I am looking to buy 2 rear side marker lenses for my 68 Buick wildcat. They look like this and This is the only photo of one I can find across the internet so far and it already sold... At least I think they look like this. Preferably without the chipping. Ill take front side markers as well.
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