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  1. Need a tail light and top bows. Don 406 861-1617
  2. Need a tail light and a place to get body trim pieces and some top bows. Thanks, Don 1-406-861-1617
  3. I will look again through my books for the information on the change Maxwell made from magneto to coil. I am not sure how to post pictures on this forum but I will figure it out and send you pics of what I am working with. Strange that they did not stick with the same dash on the cars, but that is typical of what went on back then I guess. Oh the joy of working on orphan cars!
  4. Thanks so much Howard. We are going to attempt to put the coil back on today and see what happens. There are several wires hanging loose and we were not sure of where to connect them. The wiring diagram is great to have. I don't know what we will do if this coil is bad. Have no clue where I might find another one. I saw an Atwater-Kent coil on e-bay, but it was for a six or eight cylinder car, don't know if that matters. This car has two 6V batteries. We did find a ser# for the car. According to the information you sent, the car is a 1917. From what I read in one of my car books, Maxwell went to a coil from a magneto late in that year. The coil bracket on the car surely looks original to the car.
  5. Thank you answering my questions. I will check the ser # on the car to see what year it is. There are three places for wires on the Atwater-Kent CC coil. One is on the very top of the coil, one is about one inch down from the top just below the inspection cap, and one that is marked "S" but looks like it goes to the Distributor from the wiring diagram hddennis so kindly copied and sent. I can't tell for sure from the picture where the top two wires are supposed to go. I assume one goes to ground and the other to the ignition switch and then to the contact maker. The former owner told me the car runs and starts, but after a bit just dies and has no spark. That sounds to me like something is heating up and failing. He took the coil off and sent it to be checked and/or repaired but the place he sent it told him it was sealed and could not be repaired. I removed the cap and got to what looks like a resistor of some sort, but the rest is sealed. It appears that I have a much later car than what was indicated on the bill of sale. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I bought a Maxwell car and was told it was a 1914. I just found the original coil for the car. It is an Atwater-Kent type CC coil and has a distributor cap and rotor system. Apparently the points never completely close when the car is running. Another Maxwell owner said his 1914 uses a magnetto system. Could my car be a later model? Thanks for the help.
  7. I just found out that my Maxwell has an Atwater-Kent 8v coil, CCtype. Could the year be wrong? I was told it was a 1914.
  8. I just bought a 1914 Maxwell touring car. The ignition coil is missing. What can I use for a coil? Also is this car 6V or 12V, positive or negative ground? thanks