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  1. Thought y'all would like a little update. Its not a huge step but it paves the way to getting motor/trans seated and rear end mounted. I have an S10 limited slip disc brake 10bolt rearend that is within 1-2 inches of stock width. The engine is a rebuilt 350 that we got from a friend that sold his project car. It came with a turbo 350 transmission that had also been built for this engine. Our next step will be to find a steering setup that we like.
  2. Actually Curti the Indian fender light had only two lobes, the Pontiac fender light has three. I'm sure you could make them work but they are not the exact same.
  3. Actually If I could not find original lights I was going to look at motorcycle fender lights. But I'd rather have original if possible. So thanks Ric I'll pm you my email address to send the pics to. Anyone else have one more light? We are getting so close to having all our missing parts. Thanks everyone.
  4. The opening on the rims are 5.75" diameter. I assume the hubcap is a little larger. And it should have an Indian head on it.
  5. I have the small emblem, luckily it was still on my dash. And I could see the outline of the one that was supposed to be on the shroud. It looks like the one I got with this shroud is in much better condition. But you did give me a good idea. Maybe I'll use this extra shroud as a billboard stand for displaying photos at carshows.
  6. There are two different emblems there is a smaller one on the dash. Do you have a link to the one you saw. I could not find it on ebay.
  7. I have not figured how much I want to ask for it. I would love to see it go to someone that plans on restoring it or need parts to get their running. Otherwise I was gonna tinker with it, get it running and hook it up to a pto generator. Every cent I can get will go back into the 31 pontiac project it came out of.
  8. Yeah it would have been a different story if it was in better shape. But because the interior is completely missing minus front seat. It would cost way too much to bring it back 100%. We are going to do our best to keep the body and interior stock looking. I'm keeping front ibeam axle and just doing a simple conversion to disc brakes. We really want it to be a safe reliable driver.
  9. Yes ....but aftermarket cap for 1933-1935 Chevrolet! Thank you guys he has a 32 chevy so it will not work. And nice collection. Those of us that are restoring cars curse you for hording them but are also thankful that you have saved them from being non existent.
  10. Well I bought the shroud. Now i just need to take badge off it and resell the shroud.
  11. I will be parting with this engine and am wondering what it is worth. I've been told it is not seized but have not dug out the crank handle to check myself. Thanks Dan
  12. What can you tell me about this radiator cap. I have someone interested in it but want to be sure if what I know is right. I'm saying based on what I've found at car shows that it's for a 1934 Chevy and that it was possibly an option that was not on all cars the years it was sold. Also what would it be worth, Ballpark.
  13. Yikes wants $115 to ship it. That'd be $365 for the emblem wonder if I can not sure how much demand there is for that shroud without the emblem. But I know I'll kick myself if I never find that emblem again.
  14. I saw that earlier but figured it was gone as someone inquired about it in Jan. I'll send him a message.
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