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  1. Thanks for the feedback. My top isn't used much and does need to be stretched however, when I attempt to latch the rear pegs and then secure the front j hooks the rear pegs pop off the pull down mechanism.. Appears that the pull down mechanism is not fully engaged to the pegs even if I two people pushing down on the top near the pegs... I Iooked at the mechanism and it appears to be functioning correctly....
  2. Not to hijack conversation here but, I just removed my hardtop and tried to pull down canvas top with switch and nothing worked(no Power) need to diagnose. So i tried to secure top manually and now the mechanism will not 'grab' top pins to latch down. any suggestions? Pins do not look to be adjustable.. Thanks Paul
  3. Hello, I'm also in need of the electric motor that pulls the rear of the top down. Thanks Paul
  4. interesting, will try that. I replaced the speedo 'head' I did remove/reinstalled the distance sensor cleaned the contacts and the odometer is still inop. Speedometer and Tach are functioning as they should (seem to get better the more I drive the car) thanks for the input... paul
  5. Ok, I know there is several posts on this topic, I have read most of them. 1989 16v manual trans. My speedometer is erratic along with my tach, odometer and trip odometer inop. I replaced the gears in the speedo head.. also my cruise control works...could be distance senor? Thanks paul
  6. Mensanguy, I did take the driver side seat out (works fine) and the console (didn't find much just two Bic lighters and an extra screw that the factory left in there) I swapped switches and the passenger seat still does not work. Not getting any current to the switch.... Thanks Paul
  7. Reaper1, I'll take another look to see if I can access the rear bolts. really hard to see the rear bolts maybe a mirror might help or just might have to try by feel...... Thanks Paul
  8. Hello, I just purchased a 89 TC 16v. Just going through it to clean it up, checking bulbs, etc. and found that the passenger power seat is not working. I can hook up a 12v power supply to the recliner connector and the recliner functions unfortunately I cannot get to the other connector and cannot remove the seat because it is in the most aft position and have no access to i/b aft nut. the other thing I have noticed is that the cigar lighter, aft lamp on the console and rear defroster are not working as well. gone through the service manual and tried to trace wiring harnesses without much luck. I'm thinking that this is a wire harness issue but at a lost. any ideas? Thanks Paul