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  1. Steve no I do not, but I like cars like this to restore. Thank you for the information, I like projects, but don't like huge hidden surprises, like broken axles that have been welded together or JB welded. I have been burned a couple times, but not many, its a great hobby.
  2. Is the motor stuck, or free? Yes the pictures are perfect.
  3. I'm interested, but need more pictures. Engine, tranny, rear end,
  4. Could you provide a few more pictures, I would be interested.
  5. I would say watch out for Peter Botta also.
  6. Some nice cars, going to new homes, yes it's the same every year. It does have some really nice cars and some bargains too.
  7. Amen, 12......................................
  8. I agree, the hobby like the economy goes up and down depending on how much free money is out there. I have 4 kids ranging from 21-27 and all 4 (3 of them girls) enjoy the hobby, each have a antique car of there own.
  9. It's not the worst one I have read. I know a guy who bought a tag off of EBAY 067 of 1953 Corvette only getting ready to sell the car with paperwork and original frame, numbers matching car for judging. (Down in Florida) Problem is the guy never gets the cars he is selling judged. (White Flag) and he started with only a tag, he paid $10,000 for the tag in New York. Talented guy yes, creep, yes.
  10. Thank you, The guy should be in jail, but as we all know sometimes people get away with things they shouldn't and don't pay a huge price. He paid with a lot of money, but escaped prosecution.
  11. A while back I had a topic on worst sale ever and told of some of the circumstances. Well, I decided to settle out of court with the person who bought the car from me. Let's just say he had to pay enough that it hurt even him. I donated $100,000 to two local museums to buy cars so younger kids can enjoy this wonderful hobby. It turned out to be a good Christmas for me and a couple of museums even after a 9 year legal battle with the person who should have been thrown in jail, but this was good too. So Merry Christmas to all and God Bless
  12. Dash is gone, but all the rest of the car is there
  13. I was able to get the hood ornament, it's a slow process, but no, I have no gages.
  14. I will look for photo's but not much is around as far as photo's
  15. Need gages for 1919 Lexington, also need 2 rims. Anyone have anything????????
  16. I actually live about 60 minutes away, how can I help?
  17. The Sea Foam green car is mine and I also have a dark red one. The sea foam green car has a blue flame 6 with an 066 head and 53 block. It has a lot of interesting characteristics including the trunk opening in reverse. The red car is from car 198 of 54 and is a reproduction of the 1st Corvair.
  18. I had a Toyota Sequoia as an every day vehicle 2001 till 2013 with 580,000 miles on it and it did not burn oil, 4 wheel drive, and took care of it. Sold it to a friend and it now has 760,000 on it and running as strong as ever. If you take care of your vehicle, 1,000,000 is just a matter of time................................
  19. Let me know what you need I HAVE SEVERAL 30 PARTS AS FAR AS DASH AND GAGES
  20. I have done the same, a friend of mine had terminal cancer, he was a very good guy and at the time I had the money to purchase his car. I paid to much, but it was worth every dime, he was able to pay off his chemo bills before he passed and he didn't have the stress hanging over his head. Some people consider this a business, and sometimes it is, but it's about people helping people too! Most of the time it's a Great hobby of people helping people and you get a car out of it too!
  21. The plating process doesn't care if it is gold or not, but as a metallurgical engineer, that and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee knows it will work. It's actually easy to do.