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  1. Sorry. I was thinking you meant condition when you said "state". These items are all in Nebraska.
  2. I was just informed that this is a 1958 Chevy hood that goes with this car:
  3. Yeah it does kinda look like that.. Should there be holes where the dual fins would go on top? I dont see any holes on top of the hood.
  4. My Dad was a collector of cars and car parts and he passed away a little over a year ago and we are starting to clean some things out.
  5. Dad had all kinds of misc stuff in the shed and he passed a little over a year ago so I am just sorting through things and doing some selling on eBay to clear things out. The items have been in a shed and out of the weather for years but obviously they are in fairly rough condition. Thanks again! Derek
  6. Thanks for all of the help on this!
  7. Most excellent! Thanks again. I will get all of these separated and get them on eBay. Thanks again!! Derek
  8. Thanks again for any help you can provide in identifying these items! Derek