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  1. I deliver products to farms for my job, so I find many old cars in the trees! Last Nov. I asked a farmer what that weird car was next to a tree. He said it was a '55 Willys Bermuda, full of parts, and he had more parts in his barn! He also said if I wanted it, it was all mine for $300! He also claimed to have a title (which later turned out to be in the 3 previous owners' back name, so I now have a bonded title). Once I got it home, I found the years sitting in the dirt had taken their toll. The floors and unibody are rusted, but not beyond repair. There will also need to be some patching in the outer sheet metal. Sifting through all the parts, I discovered that most all of the Bermuda specific parts had been robbed years ago, and all I had were multiples of Aero parts. Since I don't have the parts for a restoration, I have collected enough to build a mild '50's custom, that will sit low, with wide whites, and flipper hubcaps. I have just pulled the engine and trans, in prep. for a V-8, auto transplant. I also have an S-10 rear end, and will probably use a Mustang II front end (due to suspension and brake parts for this car being very hard to find). I will also have many Aero parts left over, if anyone needs anything. I would love any advice from those that have been down this path before me!
  2. I have an original, complete Willys Super Hurricane 226 L6 engine, with an original, early GM made, Hydra-Matic trans. It was just removed from a 1955 Willys Aero Bermuda car. It has not been run in years, but rotates easily, and is not locked up. I have an engine hoist to help load. $350. 402-843-0287 Located in Fremont, NE.