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  1. First, a confession to ya'll. If I had read the words Power Steering on the dipstick, I would not have come across as a . . . . dipstick! Yes, I looked at it again this morning, and for the time being I am using a thick, black duct tape material to secure it to a wiring harness. It appears as though you need to take the alternator off to get the bracket on correctly. Ugh! Thanks to Hemi and Garnet & Gold for the quick response. I have owned Red and Blackie (16 valve) for what i believe are 8 and 6 years respectively. I am good at keeping them clean and serviced, but my under-the-hood persona is lacking. I have owned 4 Corvairs, 2 Dodge Shelbys, and 2 Corvettes in my lifetime . . . but I can honestly say the TC's are my favorite.
  2. Recently looked around under the hood (1990 V-6 automatic) just to look around mind you - I'm mechanically deficient - and noticed the tube was not attached to the back of the alternator. What's the description of the bolt I need to purchase? Roger Garrett, Flower Mound TX
  3. Question for 16 valve engine . . . where can I get new/newer versions of the little strut found on the right side of the engine (over by the timing belt cover) and the damper that is associated with the transmission? When under load in first and second gear, I get a lot of vibration . . . have to drive rather conservative, like my mother used to drive the family station wagon. That's not much fun. Engine Strut-Tranny Damper.pdf