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  1. Hi I am looking for some hub caps for my Riviera 1963. The ones with the spinner in the middle. Also looking for rims but it seems it is difficult to find some Rims that fit because of the big centerbore. Thanks Anita
  2. There are no fuel pump only the mechanical one.
  3. Hi We have rebuild this engine with New pistons and rings New valves, intake and outtake New rebuilt original carb New rebuilt original steering box New cam bearings, size 0.20 Everything was fine but with the old used carb it began to have a knocking sound. And it ran a little warm once and we discovered gas in the Oil. New Oil in and it was good again. The knocking came again. New carb and then we went to get it perfectly timed. Found that one plug on number 8 didn't work. New in and we drove Home. The knocking got worse and we ended up seriously overheating. Was picked up and back in the garage we disassembled the rod bearings. They are totally destroyed because they have been warm. So we are needing a new crank I believe but I wanna find out why it overheated and why the knocking sound came. Did we overlook something when restoring it? Or did it slowly begin with the gas in the Oil? Thanks in advance. Anita (Pretty tired Riv owner right now ??)
  4. Hi We have just found that our Carter carburetor is totally done. We were wondering which carburetor we should switch too and how you know it fits for our car. We have a Buick Riviera, 1963, 401 nailhead. Thanks in advance
  5. But when I order new pistons they are higher that the ones we have.
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me how they make different compression with same engine. We have a 401 nailhead with engine number JU490 which indicates it is a engine made for export only ( 25 was made for export). I am wondering because when we want to purchase pistons I get confused by the compression difference and are afraid that I will order the wrong ones. JT engine has 10.25:1 and JU engine has 8.25:1. Could anybody help me figuring this out? Thanks Anita
  7. Hi We need 1 standard size piston for our Buick. Anyone? ? Thanks Anita
  8. Hi everyone Denmark here We are the happy owners of a Buick Riviera from 1963. The car was imported to Denmark early 1964. It has a differentieret motor no. JU490 and I have found that it has a different compression becaused it is an export built car. Only 25 was built for export and we have one of them. Originally arctic white but now a metallic green with look-a-like nappa roof. We want to restore it back to the original colour in the future. We are restoring the engine and just now looking for a used or new piston in standard size. We only need 1 and don't want to buy a set but it is almost possible right now. Anita & Henrik The red Dodge was our first american car. We swapped it for the Buick.
  9. Hi Denmark here. We are in deep need of a piston in standard size for our beautiful Riviera. We just bought it on the 1st of January and there were something wrong with the engine but not sure what. We too it apart and found that 1 piston was broken. We have tried to get a new but them you have to purchase 8 and we only need 1. Do Any of you have a piston or know where I can find one? I would be forever tankful. Anita