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  1. Thanks but the G70 finer dash is quite different. I do have one now. Phil
  2. After 5 days of trouble free driving in the Central Nickel Age Touring Club 2018 Tour, My engine threw a rod. It will be hospitalized for a while.
  3. Do you have any parts of the switches? I have the nickel plated ovals that surround the switches and may have a source for the switch handles. The speedo and clock I can't help you with. I am still looking for the ribbed floor plate and the shifter/brake floor surround. Contact me directly at
  4. How is your 70 finer coming along? I have a G70 finer roadster as well and I am pretty much just getting started on it. I am looking for several parts that no one seems to have, mainly the splash guards between the engine and the fender, the fuel gauge sending unit and someone who has or can make a grill guard. Phil
  5. I am now looking for right and left engine compartment splash pans and a radiator stone guard for my '26 ('27) G70 roadster.
  6. Just an update. I have all of the switches, speedo and clock. What I can use is the aluminum (or rubber) surround for the shifter and hand brake as seen in the picture from Stork.
  7. See the previous comments concerning the model designations and the relative wheelbases. I don't know about the Model 60 but the 1926 and 27 Model 70's were almost identical and the late year Model 70 roadster was actually what came out in 27. Nash34, what model is your 26, what is the price and are you selling any spares?
  8. The 60 70 numbers designated the top speed. The model 60's had a supposed top speed of 60 mph and the 70 had a top speed of 70 mph. etc.
  9. I am looking for a stone guard for the radiator of my 26 G70 Roadster. Can anyone help?
  10. I am also looking for all of the hardware to hold open the windshield on my 26/7 roadster
  11. Anybody have a picture of side curtains for a 26 G70 roadster?
  12. Got the handle and the retainer but I still need the latch mechanism and the strike plate. Jay doesn't have either.
  13. Has anyone seen side curtains for a 1926 roadster?
  14. Fantastic. What is the book that this is in? I know that the dash was different but do you know what the main differences were between the 70 and the Finer 70?