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  1. Hello Hemi Dude, I sent you a PM. They are looking for help. Thanks....
  2. When you get more, I would like to purchase three of the levers.
  3. https://www.paintscratch.com/touch_up_paint/Maserati/1989-Maserati-Chrysler-Maserati-Smoke-Quartz-Pearl-Metallic-FE6.html I'm not sure if this link will work, but it is the first site I could find on the internet that showed the 'potential' colors for the 1989 TCs. I am now wondering about the pinstripe color -
  4. Thank You guys! The information on the "smoke quartz pearl coat" is in a blue pamphlet for the 89 model year. The pamphlet also came with a sheet of paper saying what was in the pamphlet but not available for that model year (since the pamphlet was printed). The grey was supposed to be available with the Bordeaux interior for 1989. And Hemi is absolutely correct (as usual).
  5. I have a total off 3 5 speeds (one early 89, one late 89 an one 90). They are PNO (planned non-operational) in California. One (white 90) has been in the shop and they are having problems getting it to run (cranks then dies). They do a LOT of classic and muscle cars and build from scratch there also.
  6. I was thinking about painting my 90 5 speed TC the grey color that was to be produced but never happened(due to paint quality issues from what I have read). Originally it was painted Arctic White. Any thoughts on this from the members? Thanks.
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