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  1. Well, they are now up for sale on Ebay if interested. We will see what happens....
  2. Thanks! I've had these quite a while, I thought they were too unique and cool to pass up! But I need to start downsizing, and time for someone else to enjoy these. I was motivated to do some investigation into finding the actual product of these molds before putting them up on Ebay. It took a whole lot of searching and looking at thousands of photos, but glad it was finally solved to put my mind at rest. Originally I was thinking die cast, but someone mentioned promo car banks... I started looking at those and realized the bottom rectangular plate on the mold matched that same coin slot
  3. I came across this thread when searching for the toy car that some original mold patterns produced that I came across in an antique story years ago. After MUCH searching and asking questions anywhere I could find, finally with the help of the internet world the question has been solved! Have a look at the original mold patterns, amazing amount of work and skill making those molds. These molds made the PMC 1952 Chevy two door coupe promo bank! I now believe that this car below was indeed made in the molds I have. To my eye, every detail seems to match. Ri
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