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  1. Hi Tom - My understanding is that the Pontiac flathead 6 or 8 cylinder engines use the same flywheel/bellhousing/clutch. I would be very appreciative if you have a flywheel and, for that matter, if possible the bellhousing, clutch and release bearing as well. John
  2. Did you ever have a chance to ask your friend?
  3. Golly, if I had a parts book I would have looked it up. I figured from the name of this forum that folks here would know and possibly even have extra parts they don't need. Or that someone would have a motor apart who could give me the outside diameter and number of teeth on the ring gear - information not usually found in parts books. Hopefully someone will chime in. I figure that if I can't find a stock flywheel that I can adapt one from some other engine. BVTW, thank you for the info on Smoke Signals. I had not known of that magazine or of the POCI.
  4. Never heard of Smoke Signals. Printed magazine? If so, I have no money to subscribe which is why I don't get Hemmings. Very fixed income so have to be careful what I spend money on.
  5. Hi all - I have a 1954 Pontiac straight eight motor that is missing a flywheel, bellhousing and clutch. Does anyone have a flywheel they could spare? Or, do you know of a flywheel from another engine that interchanges or can be modified to work? Perhaps someone could tell me the flywheel diameter and number of teeth on the ring gear? Step one is to get this motor running for a static display.
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