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  1. Had a nice evening looking at a LOT of cars including a Lesabre and an invicta in mint condition.. thought the evening was perfectly until it was time to leave, pressed the startbutton an all I hear is a "pffft, bang" and up comes a cloud of smoke from under the hood. Never seen a starter fail that badly, almost burning. Guess it's just to buy a new one, and they are not cheap......
  2. New lesson learned, brakes are nice to have. Backed out of the garage and it took me 200 yards to get her to stop when i finally hit the parking brake. Time for a total rebuild of the brakes, all fluid was inside the drum of the right front wheel. For some strange reason I found myself to be the owner of a GMC safari at the same time. No clue to why i needed that one, but who needs a reason when it comes to cars? Wasn't very well recieved at home, my dear wife majja just told me i was insane and the daugters simply named it "rape-van" and refused to have anything to do with it?
  3. Amazing, where do you find all time to do all this work. Nice to see that you do, and it will look great when you are done
  4. That electra would have made a nice view besides my Lesabre. Too bad you live so far away, else i would have been at your place day one.....
  5. Progress! Spent a few hours just to discover that parts for the tank cant be found. So, after some soldering I now at least have a clue how much gas there is in the tank. Made a new gasket, (nice to have a laser cutter) and some net around the intake. Yeah i know it's not pretty but who looks inside the gastank? After some paint you cant tell it's almost 60 years old.
  6. She kind of got tired of dieseldoris and bought herself a new 9-5. I even had the nerve to let her drive the lesabre?
  7. Took down the tank today and all rubber hoses just disintegrated, they wanted to be in a thousand pieces. Guess it was time to fix them.. spent 3 hours and a gallon of degrease fluid to get it kind of clean. Now i just have to figure out how to solve the broken gauge.
  8. Hmm. Mine has stopped at 5 to 4, need to take a look at that..... some day. Awsome looking clock that deserves to work like... a clock
  9. Came down to the garage today and felt a huga smell of gasoline. Sure enough, there was a pool of it under the car. A bit strange i thought since that never has been any indication of that earlier, after some thinking i realized that i filled her up before parking wednesday. After some crawling under her i could see that all hoses from the tank were dry and broken. Bit lucky that did not happen 100 Miles from home wednesday, and even more luck that I didn't get a rolling tourch that day since all gas came down about 1 inch from the exaustpipes. Time to get the tank down and replace all rubber!
  10. Any girl looks good behind the wheel of there beauties
  11. Finally clean. Pic reminds me to get rid of stuff, quite silly to have 3 large wood boats when time isn't enough for one.
  12. Thought i was going to get my girl cleaned but someone up there had another idea
  13. First spin for my big girl. She runs like a dream, cant tell she is 57 years old
  14. Guess you guys in the US dont undestand how lucky you are. Geting parts here across the pond is a pain, shopping fees are silly.. that is if seller wants to ship international. My radiator for instance, had to ship it to a friend in TN since seller refused to ship it to me... sigh.. so it had to go to Nashville just to get a shipping label and then sent to me.. ok, i could get one here - if i waited until july. Not an option. Guess i should have been interested in a camaro or mustang, then life is easy. But a buick -60. Sigh, but I just love her so she is worth every shipping cent
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