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  1. Looking for inner tie rod ends, saginaw style and a OB-61 slim jim
  2. OB-61 slim jim inner tie rod ends - saginaw style
  3. Need 61 olds parts; 394 oil pan - straight grill from starfire or 98 seat belts - original dealer installed back up light housings and lenses radiator support rubber valve cover breather tube original jack/lug wrench battery tray
  4. I was told Duplicolor DE1653 for the Starfire Red. Says better match than the Fusicik paint but can't confirm.
  5. Castings from my 61 Starfire parts car. The information I have so far is that the 577478-4 1/8 is correct for 61 and that all full size models for that year used the same block. Is that correct? Can anyone identify these other castings as being meaningful.
  6. Need help identifying the correct jack and lug wrench for 61 Starfire. Are either of these correct?
  7. Got the color I needed based on this info...appreciate it!
  8. Would like to post a photo of my jack and lug wrench but get an error message. Any ideas?
  9. I'm restoring two '61 Starfires and have many questions. Both cars have red interiors. There are two shades of red, one I would call red and the other a dark red....almost purple. My painter has identified the red as Garnet Mist which I have seen references to in many places. The darker red used on the dash end caps and dash metal along windshield, heater box, brake and park brake pedals is more elusive. The painter can't find it and I can find no reference to this color. Also, would like to chase down the white paint used in the grooves of the chrome on the console and dash trim. Help!
  10. Are there marks that would indicate date of casting? Any other marks to decipher? I have the 577476 - 4 1/8 which I believe to be correct with the 4 1/8 being the bore. Would like to know what the other letters and numbers indicate.
  11. This is an old thread but hoping chuck is still available to answer some 61 Starfire questions. Would like to confirm the correct casting numbers and dates for the 61 Strafire 394 and if they are specific to the Starfire or the same as other models that year.
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