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  1. I realize this is an old advert but do happen to still have the olds heater??
  2. Is this heater still available??
  3. WANTED I'm after a few bits for a '42 Olds 60 series 4 door sedan A pair of rear 1/4 belt moulds. These fitted '42 thru '47 60 series sedan. Hood ornament. Horn ring. I realize they won't be for his car but also a set of firewall tags just to make it look complete so even some from a '41 would be fine. (not trying to mislead anyone). Any leads would be great, Thanks
  4. There were 125 made and I believe around 10 or 12 are still in existence. I’d say a 10% survival rate isn’t too bad. Here’s the 3 together. http://www.flickriver.com/photos/117891934@N07/13613712884/
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Bobs had the lenses and even the surrounds. Perfect
  6. I have a '41 Olds 4 dr convertible aka Phaeton and I'm after some lenses for the courtesy lamps on the back of the front seat. From my understanding the same lamps were fitted to Buick, Olds and Cadillac phaetons of the same year (p/n 4101788). Any help appreciated The photo below is a Cadillac, but the same part
  7. This is an old thread but I have it’s younger sibling, a ‘41 Phaeton. Please share some photos if you have any.