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  1. Drained the trans and added a 2 to 1 mix of Lucas 80-90 to Lucas stabilizer. I don't think the fluid was ever drained from the transmission, it came out closer to tar than oil (see pic below) if I hadn't pre-warmed the transmission it would have taken three weeks and a day just to drain. Now, I want to drain it again and the flush the whole thing. What are the procedures and fluids to use to flush it? Oh! It now shifts extremely easy, just a slight snick in each gear, but that's probably me not timing it quite right. Thanks Hugh for the tip on the Lucas mix.
  2. 27donb, Wow!! That was fast, thanks very much!!
  3. I've ordered the lucas products Where is the fill plug. Is the silver plug indicated by the arrow the fill?
  4. I bought the car in late May, so if it was after that it wasn't this car. Rod
  6. What is the capacity of the transmission in this 28 buick? I'm going to try Hugh's formula for fluid. Rod
  7. In the final 24 hours! Time to bid!!! Rod
  8. Not many of these still around, ready to drive and enjoy! Go ahead place a bid. Rod ON "Bring A Trailer" VIDEOS : warm start walk around: Best video yet for true color of car: Video of lights including turn signals. Cockpit driving view. Drive by:
  9. Apparently it was a bad coil! I changed to a known good coil, drove the car for about 30 minutes and all was well, no sputtering and it never died, 😁😁 engine temp via dash gauge was a steady 160 f. Thanks for all the input. Rod
  10. Sorry for the delayed response. I see there are many hopefully good suggestions above. I'll try and sort out the grain from the chaff. The engine is definitely not overheating, if anything it barely gets up to operating temp before the incident occurs. In the coming days I'll have some time to try a few things, 1st is I have a new coil and will swap it to see if that is the problem. I'm guessing that this will be a process of elimination to get to the bottom of it. I suspect that the previous owner lost interest in chasing it down, ergo the sale. there's always a reason for these sales, but then that is how I've managed to accumulate a number of cars, no harm no foul! I'll keep you informed as to what solves the issue. Thanks for all the input Rod
  11. Lots of good suggestions above, but I forgot to mention that the car has a working electric fuel pump. I'm new to this car and am not real conversant with it's fuel system especially the modified fuel delivery. I have no idea at this point if the vacuum canister serves any function. Their is an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and it is set at 1/2 psi. I will check to see if it is pumping gas to the canister or straight to the carb? Rod
  12. Not that I noticed, but something for me to look for next time. I doubt that it is lean as there is considerable soot.
  13. 1928 Buick (6) Engine stalls and then dies. This has happened 3 times and always following about a 15 minute drive. At about the 12-15 minute mark it will sputter at which point I will pull the choke and it will continue running for a few more seconds then die. After sitting for about 15-20 minutes, it will start right up and is good for another 15 or so minutes. Sounds like maybe something to do with the float? I pretty new to Buicks of this age and not familiar with the Marvel carb at all. Another issue I’ve seen is it runs very rich. Rod
  14. "28" Yes, it is the car you reference and the restoration was done (remarkably well) as noted in your post, though I can't speak to the sequence, I also don't know the dates of the restoration. It has been exceptionally maintained no matter when the work was done and baring my learning curve has no issues what-so-ever, just a magnificent car. Thanks for your comments. Rod PS Steering is just fine.
  15. Kevin, Thanks for the response and the information. If you look at the photo above, tha stantions are already drilled with a 'screw" in the holes.I don't know if this is stock or something someone previously did? I have a set of Model A clamps on order so I will find out shortly if they work? If not, I guess I'll have to get another Model A, so they don't go to waste. 😟 Rod