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  1. I can probably drill the bondo out and buy replacement chrome caps to be more correct. I've seen them for sale.
  2. Yeah definitely! I chipped a little paint off and saw the nice shiny stainless underneath
  3. Mystery solved. They filled the holes with bondo from the inside when they converted to sealed beams. I can see the bondo spots. And they obviously repainted over the chrome trim.
  4. Yeah they are sealed beams. They seem very old and rusty inside to be a reproduction but maybe. Another strike against this car.
  5. I'm thinking this is yet another incorrect feature of this car. A 39 Buick is supposed to have those headlamps with the adjustment holes. I can't imagine though that they are replacements, they fit perfectly and the bolts underneath don't look newer. It is baffling.
  6. Shouldn't there be two small headlight adjustment holes that have snap in chrome buttons on the headlight housing? I find no evidence for these on my Buick.
  7. The body by Fisher logo is on the seat because the seat is from a '41 Buick. I found that out by looking at many photos of Buick seats. They put the logo on the passenger side seat for those years. Another item not original to this car.
  8. Thank you! That is a great help! I see where on the under side of my dash the oval cut out and the adjacent circular holes are for that 3-way switch. All photos are so much of a help because I have no idea the way this is truly supposed to look.
  9. Can someone post some photos of a correct '39 dash? I am trying to assemble the correct knobs etc for the dash on my 46S. Currently there are things that have been removed and replaced with items that don't belong (like a heater switch where the lighter should be). I have a copy of the manual but its so difficult to see the photo of the dash in it and tell where the arrows are pointing. For example I see a reference to a heater switch and a defrost switch, the arrows for these point to somewhere near the steering column but there is no way to tell from the poor photo. Where was the instrument
  10. Bob, Thank you very much. I am definitely interested. I will send you an email. -Colin
  11. Can someone tell me when the car was made by the frame serial number 33445850. This also has the speedometer with odd increments, 15, 30, 45 etc..
  12. Yes I believe all Buicks had the burgundy colored woodgrain paint, its just that it was common for people to paint over that in later years. I've seen pictures online where they are black or other colors. I'm sure that they were painted when the Buick got a new coat of paint or something.
  13. Ok thank you jvelde I'll try to contact him
  14. So far I can't seem to find the original turn signal lever that goes on the gear shifter. I'd love to fine one.
  15. OK I'll see about a later oil pump
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