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  1. Thank all of you for your input but there is not a consensus on the middle pic. I remember at one time we owned a Willys-Knight, could this be it?
  2. Can anyone identify the autos in the attached pictures?
  3. Trimacar; I have no objection whatsoever to your use of this photo. I'm just so grateful to you and others for the identification of the Buick but, I do not have a pic of the Cadillac and maybe there wasn't a Caddy at all. My Mom may have just been stretching the truth to impress someone back home or falsely identified the Buick as a Cadillac. Howsoever, if I come across another photo and it doesn't look like either a Buick or a Model T, I'll certainly post it.
  4. Yes it was, I have pictures of her first two daughters dressed similarly. You and your fellow antique car buffs have been so helpful but I have a question regarding the ID: could that car have been a Cadillac? I have a letter my Mom wrote to her Mom telling her about this young man she met and in it she mentions that the family has a Ford and a Cadillac. I now have another auto I hope your group can help me identify and will attach it herewith.
  5. Need help to identify my Dad's touring car - see attached
  6. geep

    Touring cars

    Help in identifying auto in attached picture