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  1. I am late to the party hopefully someone will notice. I was looking for tires for my 17 D45 as well and the ones on it are also 34 x 4. I believe mine were replaced in the 70s when it was redone. What was the final decision on this topic? Also I noticed that one of the photos shows a red D45. mine was painted red and I thought it was not the original color. the paint is now flaking and there is red under neath. THe frame is painted yellow and the wheels are yellow which is not my favorite but I want it to be period correct. The P.O. had all of the nickel brass plated too. Thoughts are appreciated. Kathy
  2. Good thoughts gentleman. That might explain the confusion. Good to know that the model year when we start looking for parts.
  3. Thank you Rod. Is there any way to tell what color it should be? I would think that the color combo is not correct. Thanks, Kathy
  4. I love logic. We were wondering if it perhaps had an engine swap at some point since it had the 16 tag on it from Pennsylvania and the owner thought it was a 16. I don't think he knew much about it at all. We are used to later model cars but will learn about this one too as we go. We feel we got a good deal on it and I wanted a brass era car so I am fine with a 17. At least it will be 100 this year. Something really cool about that. I was using the logic that the pikes peak race started in 16 so I thought it was perfect to take her up there. Charles is pretty understanding so I bet he will still let me work toward that. Kathy
  5. Thanks Rod. We haven't had a chance yet to see if it will turn over yet. I think he sprayed some wd40 in the cylinders for a start just to let it start soaking in. Hoping for the best.
  6. Can you tell by the frame serial number if it too is a 1917?
  7. Ok. It has been quite a week but I finally was able to get some pictures of her with natural light. I appreciate everyone's interest. I took a bunch including the parts in the box that came with her. She was partially disassembled. It had been restored in the 70s I believe which is when this family got it. They were in Key West and used it in parades. The gentleman that owned her thought he would do a resto about 15 years ago but got in over his head so it has been sitting. They said he was trying to find one part to get it running again and he and his buddy had a fight and that was the end of it. Looks like it will take more than one part to get it running. Lots of work but it is so rewarding. I appreciate all the input.all things to consider for the project that lies ahead....
  8. Terry, I was hoping to be able to catch up with you. I have seen your posts about your 1916. We go to summer institute in McPherson during the summer. Perhaps we could meet while we are out there this year. A couple of years ago we went to Hutch to the salt mine for fun. My husband is from KC originally. He has always been into old cars. Get him started and he will talk forever. I am almost as bad and I am always the one wanting another project. He wasn't excited about this one but he is coming around. Would love to get the newsletter and look forward to learning more. I will take more pics soon. Thanks, Kathy
  9. Jp928 I have no idea what I was typing there lol. I am sure that I will have a lot of questions is the bottom line. Thanks for looking.
  10. Thanks for responding. We are excited to get it running.
  11. Last weekend I picked up my latest project and now I am the proud owner of a 1916 D45. I have never had a Buick somInstrated here and will have lots of questions. I have been trying to acquire her for 6 months and finally struck the right deal. Been in the same family for 50 years so lots of memories to let go of. I am planning to get it running first and fix the broken bow in the top and have fun before the complete restoration. I am interested in information about details of color and trim as I prefer original. Some of you saw the posting on CL in Miami for her. Attached are my photos and one of an interesting "part" part that was in a box. I may have to reproduce something in McPherson this summer at the summer institute. Thanks for having me in the forum and for any help you can offer. I have been reading the forum posts just for fun. Kathy and Charles Hann