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  1. I agree with all. The picture is about as enhanced as I can make it. It was part of a very large scene and I did the best that I could. One error that I seemed to have made: I think the car is a Stearn, not a Stern. But beyond the headlight issue, does any one know what the car actually is if not a Stearn?
  2. My great grandfather had a car that he purchased new in the early 1900s. I think that it is a 1908ish Sterns based on many similar attributes. It does, however have some minor differences. Specifically the headlight and running light design. Certainly there was a lot of customization in those days but I'm just curious if any of you could help me out.
  3. My great grandfather had an automobile in early 1900s that appears to be a 1908 Sterns but with some minor differences. Specifically the headlights and running lights seem not the same though there probably was quite a lot of customization during those early days....or it is not a Sterns. Any help with identifying this car would be appreciated
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