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  1. Thank you, everyone for you thoughtful replies. I never expected such a response! Just to clarify: 1.) Highly unlikely the car was stolen or has a lien. I would lay a month's wages on that. 2.) My son is "old enough to know better, yet young enough to learn." (Aren't we all?) 3.) The title of the vehicle is most likely gone with the seller's grandpa's papers. 4.) We are not inclined to engage in illegal activities; neither do we seek to cheat Uncle Sam. 5.) It is not a vehicle anyone but a young (and relatively poor) eccentric motor head/classic car enthusiast would bother with. Again, thank you, everyone, for your thoughtful replies. I will be turning off the notification for replies as my email inbox has become inundated. Carry on if you wish. God Bless you and yours. Regards, M.A.M.
  2. Just saw this, Bernie. NOT a bad idea! Are you wiling to make a referral? If so, please PM me.
  3. Thank you, again, Restorer! As a result of this discussion I called and spoke with Mr. Shook just now. He wants $750 retainer plus whatever filing and mileage fees he incurs. (He IS a bit of a distance from us.) I will speak to my son and see what he is willing to pony up for retaining Mr. Shook. (I am thinking to go halves just to get my parking space back.) Thanks again, everyone. I will update this thread when/if we move forward with obtaining a title. Fingers crossed!
  4. Then also, there is this guy in PA: But at what cost?
  5. Yes, but there is that clause about "if not able to put up for public auction." IDK....this car has become a MAJOR headache. I just want to be able to park MY car in MY garage. I would like to avoid hiring a NJ lawyer. Grrrr......
  6. Thank you, Cheezestaak. I don't even know if my son HAS a bill of sale. And Terry: YES! Good idea! I do have a family connection to a police office. I think he would be willing to look up the VIN.
  7. I found this information about 'abandoned vehicles on private property" on NJ's MVC website. It presently appears as the only option. p.s/ Thank you for explaining "encumbrance".
  8. Thank you, George. Aaaaggghhhhh!!!! I don't know what Jersey's law is on that, but that would be just my luck!!! But another thought came to mind: Assuming I went with the whole ordeal involved in securing title via "abandoned vehicle" route in NJ -- I don't know why my son couldn't attend the "auction" and bid on his own car. Cripes...these things are complicated! Regards, M.A.M.
  9. Thank you, FJ, as well. I suspect that the guy who sold it to him never had a title. And you're son was not wise (to put it mildly) to have paid the guy without the title in hand. For a long time the guy played will be "this Saturday" (or next) that he'd have the title. Now he is nowhere to be found. I am about ready to have the local junkyard come haul it out of my garage and sell it for scrap metal. Regards, M.A.M. p.s./ good luck with the Silverado.
  10. Thank you, Restorer. I had come to a similar conclusion about getting a PA title awhile back when I read a blog by a lawyer who happens also to be a classic car enthusiast, but was hoping someone here would know of a loophole. I did some reading on the NJMVC website earlier today but the only scenario that seemed might apply was in securing a title for "an abandoned vehicle". If I/we were to go that route, I'd have to claim the vehicle was abandoned on my property in NJ. (Which it kind of has been), then put it up for sale for public legal notice in local newspaper of said auction ....record the names of whomever showed up...(IF any showed up)...what they bid... and then IF no one showed up, then and only then would I (as property owner) be able to secure a title. I am not sure what you mean by "encumbrances," though. Please elaborate on that if you have the time. Am also wondering if there is a way to search a VIN number online and trace the owner(s) backwards? <<<<Not sure if I stated that right. Thanks again, M.A.A.
  11. Hello, My son bought a '65 Chevy from a guy in PA with the "promise" of a title, but it's been a year and no title has been produced. Meantime, the car is in my garage in NJ and my son has been working on it. (We live on the Jersey side of Delaware Water Gap, my son lives on the Pennsylvania side.) The guy he bought the car from has practically fallen off the face of the earth. I would like the car out of my garage and my son would like to put the car on the road. But how and where/which state to get a title has been the dilemma. Is anyone here familiar with the procedures one would have to go through to get a title in either PA or NJ? (We could go with whichever state is easier.) Thank you very much in advance for your feedback. Regards, M.A.M.