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  1. Good morning Schmiddy - Jim from the other side of the pond - it looks like you also have a astro blue 65 Riv - I do to !
  2. I grew up with Buicks as my mom worked at Joe Torres Buick in Rome NY in the 60's and I was allowed to ride in various buicks from the dealership transporting to other dealerships - will get passed on to my son
  3. Water pump ordered - Thanks all - I totally agree with you 60FlatTop Jim
  4. Thanks - just checked it and all three pulleys on the shaft move Jim ROA #1806
  5. Tom T. - very slight wobble when running, when off I can move the five fan blade perpindicu;ar approx 1/16" Jim
  6. I noticed a slight fan wobble, there is no belt wear, no heating problems, or water pump leakage - have factory AC - what is the tolerance? Thanks all
  7. ROA #1806 - it is easier to either call or text me 607-423-3785
  8. 1965 Buick Riv 853 rim that is true, have one that is not (does anyone true them)
  9. Want to buy a 853 Buick Riv rim, I have one but it is not true
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