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  1. Wouldn't this fit in your "true speed equipment" category? Not a Ford produced item, made with the purpose of adding power? 6 more years and this will be a 100 years old. I try to research things as best I can, like previous similar items sold and for how much and when they sold. I think the last one I found that was for sale was back in 2008 (that I was able to find) and that was around $600. I don't know, maybe a grand is the I don't want to sell it price.. What if I want to build a speedster someday?
  2. Aftermarket Waukesha Ricardo cylinder head. Very nice, no cracks or repairs. This was on a 1927 Ford Model T I used to own. It was installed on the T very early in the cars life and stayed on until I removed it last year (2016). I have the head bolts and coil box that was mounted on the head as well. Spark plugs are probably usable. Only has 3 primer cups, fourth has a plug. I assume they weren't using the cups for starting on the engine it was on. I'd like $1,000 cash. Sorry, I wont ship this. Princeton WI 54968...
  3. Sorry, forgot to add the price. - $2500 Cash
  4. Thanks bugged, I found those 2 cars and saved a few pictures, in case anyone else is curious what it looks like in the car here's a picture. I'll say that there's a lot of knowledge on this site, I didn't expect to find and answer this quick!
  5. 1937 Plymouth truck. Half ton. No engine, but original trans and driveshaft are with the truck. I have front fenders. Drivers side fender is very nice, Passenger side very is rough. (Passenger side fender has the spare tire mount recess) I also have the spare tire mounting bracket, and bracket mount on the frame is still present. The truck frame is very nice and smooth. Original hydraulic brakes. Nice gauge panel and dash. The truck box is in ok condition and will need some patching. These trucks had a steel bed floor, most of the middle is cut out. The white wall rims
  6. Thanks for the input Bob. I sure would love to find a picture of one in an engine compartment
  7. Hello everyone. New member to the forum. I thought this would be the best place to find some more info on this Atwater Kent box I picked up today. I have found other threads on similar things but cant find anything like mine with the shaft out the bottom with a gear on it. I like to know what kind of car this is from... Thanks everyone
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