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  1. Lump, I bet the Manufacture Label must have come off. I would guess trailers like this were probably pretty common in their day. But as mentioned above by other members pretty fragile because of the amount of wood. Having lived in the Ozarks for about 30 years I have seen my share of "home made" trailers. Some with pretty ingenious "add on" for hauling "stock and stuff". Do you still have it?
  2. Ed, Just received a picture from my sister of the hitch and the inscription on the tire. Inscription: WARDS Riverside 30x3 1/2 Supersize (she stated it was 3 1/2 probably 3.5).
  3. As a newbie this site has me a little confused as to how to reply to individual post - so will do the best I can --- The trailer is located near Purcellville VA: To answer Trulyvintage I am pretty sure it has a metal frame. As Paul mentioned the sides and back come off whereby the trailer can be used as a "flatbed" The hitch for the '51 chevy is I believe lying in the bed of the trailer. Thanks to everybody for their comments - this is a real neat site. My dad would have given his eye teeth for a truck like yours Paul but our old '51 and before that our '37 Plymouth did the job.
  4. What an awesome truck; you are so right it would look great behind it. We will be selling it in case you are interested. Noticed you are from my Dad's home place in Kingsport TN. Thanks for the note and picture. It was great seeing both trucks. The beige truck brings back memories of fun times when we used to go to the sale barn in Manassas, Va in a truck very similar to that one.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies - Trailer at my sisters house in Virginia and I am in Missouri; I will try to get pict. of hitch and tire size in a few days.
  6. Hi - Looking for any information and possible value of an old car trailer that my Dad had back in the forties and fifties (those are the years I remember - he probably had it prior to that). We used it in the DC area doing "buzzard jobs" - he was tree surgeon!!! We pulled it with a 1951 Chevy. As noted on the plate it was manufactured by the Standard Trailer Company in Cambridge Springs, PA. It has been in a shed for about 40 years - one tire is still holding air!!!! I did find this ad a number of years ago. Great price for a Trailer - by today's standards - but a lot of money in the 20's and 30's Can remember in the forties when my weekly allowance was 10 cents a week - most I ever made on our five acre farm was 25 cents. And I was glad to get it!!! Those days were not so good but I certainly would not trade them for how the "kids" today are "raised". Thanks for any information.
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