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  1. F&J.... a 3.70 Ratio is exactly the range i was hoping to get to.. but I am going to look into 31 Caddys under/overdrive unit idea first as it might be the least invasive.
  2. 31 Caddy..... thanks for giving me another option....I will look into this.... I just happen to have an extra Torque tube and drive shaft for this vehicle... I had looked into seeing if a old Columbia rear end could be adapted to fit a buick but my friends in the Flat head ford club said they would kill me for modifying such a rare part. Now modifying a spare torque tube to get to were i want to be might just be the way to go. What was the model # of the unit you installed.... and what was the cost of this unit before all the machining work that needed to be done? '
  3. Has anyone made an adapter to mate an open driveline with a early 1930's Buick 3 Speed Transmission? I have a 1932 Buick 57 series and I am trying to improve the RPM's at highway speeds. Changing over to an open driveline will allow me change to a Ford 9" to get a wide selection of gear ratio's Thanks George
  4. I am not MSK or JFK200..... The engine is definately a 1932 230.4. I am trying to adapt a modern trans to this engine so i can put a modern rear end in and get a better hiighway gear ratio to cruise at lower rpms. The photo I posted above is from Bendtsens Web page it shows the current adapter they make for 34-36 buick engines... I guess another solution would be if someone has created an adapter to the current 3 speed transmission to eliminate the torque tube and go with an open driveline... any ideas? Thanks George
  5. I am currently working on a project with a 1932 Buick 230 engine.. and was wondering if its possible or if anyone has adapted a modern automatic transmission to this engine? I found adapters for the 1934-1936 Buick 233 engine made by Bendtsen’s Transmission Center Inc. https://www.transmissionadapters.com/Buick_straight_eight_263_320.htm . It is unclear as to if this adapter will work for a '32 230 engine..... If no one has accomplished this adaption yet... has anyone tried putting a transmission from '34, '35, '36 etc onto a 1932 230 engine... Thanks for your input. George
  6. i would be interested in some of the parts off this car if its still available... where in canada?