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  1. Regarding fenders I had a new set for a 1908 gentleman roadster made from original patterns. The fenders had a flat surface with rolled lip with about 3/4 inch hang underneath. Top surface had raised approx half inch raisedindentions around the edge. I might have originals if u need for patterns and can definitely get measurements off of new fenders. My area has a number of sheet metal fabricators due to racing industry so was easy to find and have produced. If I can help let me know. The 08 Reo was a barnfind that had been put up for 60 years at the time of my purchase in 1983. So feel fenders were and are correct.
  2. Bertha is quiet nice as she is. Plus she is getting a nice new building to relax in with full time constant heat and air where she can talk with her fellow Franklins. 😀