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  1. I have this sweep trim for a 53 Buick 4-door?
  2. Does anyone know if the hood and side panels are the same on a 39 Roadmaster and Century? Thanks
  3. mark, Do you know how someone would start the process? I bought the car in NC and I retitled in VA Thanks
  4. How would someone trace the history of their car? Like previous ownership and market the car could have been, i.e. Taxi/Limo etc. Other than what previous owner has told me, I don't know a lot about my car. I think it would be neat to know and maybe document. My car is a 1939 Roadmaster 81F with divider window. Thanks Bill
  5. you are probably right on. I only wish that was an option for my 39 series 81f thanks for the reply. I do enjoy all the information and your post on the forum. thanks bill
  6. imperial62 do you think someone will restore that 40 Limited based on condition? or part it out?
  7. Imperial62, I would be interested in parts from the 40 Buick limited. its not feasible for me to bid/transport 16 hours and then part out remainder of car.
  8. Airbrushguy, as I am looking for 70" length, if I find any your length, I will let you know.
  9. airbrushguy, these may be the 70" ones im looking for?? I have sent you a pm on this. thanks bill
  10. Old car parts, anything in the 70" range? thanks bill
  11. airbrushguy your welcome. I sure do hope you can find. that's a nice car you have. I will keep you in mind if I run across any that size. I'm no expert on running board trim, but I would expect other car makes may have something that would work if the pattern is no issue. My car is a 1939 Roadmaster 81F 133" WB with the 70" running board trim. Possibly the longer WB cars would have the longer trim? thanks bill
  12. Old car parts please help air brush guy before me. This is his thread. I am interested in a set. Mine measures approx 70" thanks bill
  13. I have called and checked around and could not find the correct one. i will compare to my 39 roadmaster 81F and also pass along any info. thank you. bill
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