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  1. I love the add...the car you direct but do not drive.. . I do not endorse or recommend this🤔
  2. I fixed a similar Problem by installing a blocking diode from the field to the hot post to stop it from discharging when the ignition was off. It would still Flash to energize the field and work at RPM installed with the cathode to the field anode to the hot post. I used a simple blocking diode 1N900* hope this helps good luck.
  3. Where was this located? Was it a drop head?
  4. I have heard many conflicting opinions about motor oil 30 weight vs multigrade detergent vs non detergent compressor oil... Anything definitive on an engine with 78000 miles and some smoking issues but not outrageous? I will be following things on the Willis Overland site thank you so much.Garry
  5. Thanks this is excellent information much appreciated.
  6. Similar but with the six-cylinder it's much shorter. The body is by Robbins it does get driven regularly and when things are running smoothly it will do 70 miles an hour. It is barely broken in at 78000 miles, it drives and stops very well for a 5800 pound vehicle. Most of the smoking issues I believe wera due to the Skinner not functioning properly.
  7. Thanks, the original gasket material was mica Buy the looks of it and asbestos on the top of the unit. I tried unsuccessfully with copper and Kapton,
  8. I believe it heats the oil to above 300 degrees and reclaims the volatiles and supposedly the impurities via vacuum for reburn through the intake manifold. It's could be blocked off however I would like to get it operating as it was.
  9. Thanks for all of the replies ,here's my 29 Stearns Knight (6)
  10. I have a 29 Stearns Knight with a Skinner oil refiner I have taken it apart to make it work. I am now looking for a gasket set or supplier of suitable material. Any advice would be appreciated. I tried Form a gasket but was not pleased with the results. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.