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  1. I have two 1912 STuTZ The Sturdy STuTZ sales catalogs for sale. One is in color and the other black and white. The color one is missing page 3 . Size is 6 x 9 inch. In good shape. Would like to get 75.00 or best offer free shipping. Can do Paypal or Money Order. email me at thecalhoon1975@gmail.com Peter
  2. I think this is for a Buick, possible 1928-1929 Buick air cleaner. It is in really good shape. Some dents. Size. on the bottom 4 inches across. Length 5 1/2 inches. small opening towards carb 1 3/4 inches. There is number on the bottom #844676. Would sell it for $40. dollars plus $5. shipping. email me if interested, thecalhoon1975@gmail.com Peter
  3. Beware this person tried to scam me today The person name smith meehan <smithmeehan78@gmail.com Take care Peter
  4. Hi does anybody have a diagram or picture of where the steering gear bushing install for my 1948 Chrysler. Thank you, Peter
  5. Hi one and all. As a Buick Marquette owner I started a Facebook page entitled 1929-1930 Buick Marquette Owners and Fans Page If you can check it out. Some real interesting pics on it. Feel free to comment. Peter Link https://www.facebook.com/groups/515174805791432/?ref=bookmarks
  6. Best of luck. Your car is great looking. I am working on my 1948 Chrysler Windsor Convertible. God Bless Peter from Florida
  7. Hi All, is there any way to decode the Briggs Body Tag on my 1948 Chrysler Windsor Convertible. Thank you for any help Peter
  8. Looking for a working dash unit gas gauge for a 1948 Chrysler Windsor Convertible The part number I got out of a book #1232793 for 1946-1948 If so what would be the cost with shipping. Thank you so much. Peter Email. thecalhoon1975@gmail.com
  9. Hi Everyone, Looking for a match to this step plate for my 1930 Marquette. Size 9 x 10 1/2 inches. Made of aluminum, does not have to be painted . Thanks for any information Peter 813-300-0437 email thecalhoon1975@gmail.com
  10. Hi Everyone, Looking for a starter pedal foot rest ( See Pic ) for my 1930 Marquette 2 door sedan. Mounts on the floorboard. Thank you for any reply email thecalhoon1975@gmail.com or 813-300-0437 Peter
  11. Mark do you ever come across any 1929 1930 Marquette items This car was made by Buick for one year, Thanks for any reply Peter
  12. Thanks one and all. I did find a place in St Petersburg Fla Realistic auto restro. Wishing everyone warm sunshine. God Bless Peter
  13. Anybody know of someone close to the Tampa Bay Florida area that can install two tires on my split rims I have a 1930 Marquette . Looking for someone or shop. Please contact 813-300-0437 or email thecalhoon1975@gmail.com Thanks so much God Bless Peter
  14. My Marquette collection. Peter Amabile, Floral City Florida Anybody have any Marquette items please contact me. Always looking Email thecalhoon1975@gmail.com
  15. Hi 30Marquette where are you located Peter Florida
  16. Hi Mark did some looking. It looks like from the tag it was a 1930 Model 36-S coupe. see pic. Also found this speedster pic of a Marquette. There is a guy I was talking to had some parts . No sure of the condition. I have to find his email again. talk soon Peter
  17. Sorry spell check. Where are you located
  18. Mark can you take a pic of the cowl tag. I can tell you what it was. Where Are you located. Peter
  19. Hi Mark pics of an interchangeable list for some of the Marquettes parts. I got this from a Marquette news letter years ago. What model do you have. I have a 1930 Model 30 2 door sedan. Call me any time to talk Marquette cars. Peter 813-300-0437 Floral City Florida
  20. Hi Everyone, looking for a pair of door sill plates for my 1930 Marquette 2 door sedan. They are 33 inches long or could be longer. I could cut them down. They could be Buick, Olds and other GM cars. If you have them please let me know price and shipping. See picture. Thanking you in advance for any help Peter Floral City Florida
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