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  1. I saw a pontiacl firebird with that strip you mentioned but my boot doesn't have that feature. The flap of the boot just tucks in tightly between the back of the seat.
  2. My 67 convertible roof boot at highway speeds come out flapping at the top of the rear seat I was thinking of glueing a piece of velcro to the part of roof that comes in close contact with the boot. Any other comments or solutions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Jim, Both you and Joe gave me good info. I appreciate it.
  4. Thanks Joe! this was very informative . I'll go with the 11". It seems to be the best match with the Delco model.
  5. Hey can anybody tell me the difference: I want to put a booster for my break's master cylinder. I found 3 types that can fit my car. One is a 11 1/2" dia. booster for a 1" bore M.C. one is a 9" dia. booster and another is a 7" dual diafram booster. They are all compatible but which one does what?
  6. I have a 67 camaro with a 327 and want to add a power steering pump and power brake booster. My mechanic tells me that I need a metric power steering pump.Is this right and where can I get one. Also my power brake booster has to be a dual baffle because the 11" booster wont fit on the fire wall. Is this right and what type of booster should I get?
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