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  1. Nice. Very nice. A few additional pics on his facebook page. Selling for his dad, it said. No engine pics and could use a new dash pad from what i can see. Wish he was on the second coast.
  2. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/bar/6017500026.html 425 hot rod motor 6 x 2 edelbrock and a flywheel for a clutch Wish I had a spare few grand.
  3. Additionally, someone figured out the adapter for a GM 5spd http://www.transmissionadapters.com/Buick Bellhousing.htm
  4. You might get more information and replies here http://www.v8buick.com/index.php?forums/u-shift-em.12/ about swapping transmissions Or here http://www.v8buick.com/index.php?threads/converting-automatic-to-manual-transmission-68-72-buick-a-body.244654/ and here is 4 pages on a hydraulic clutch http://www.v8buick.com/index.php?threads/hydraulic-clutch-conversion-chime-in-here.296487/page-4
  5. I found this info on steering gear boxes. Looks like they are all the same, might be mistaken. The Saginaw gearbox is a rotary-valve type unit using recirculating ball bearings. They are referred to as recirculated ball-type because they use the same ball bearings on both the worm gear and the sector gear to reduce friction within the housing. You will often see this gearbox referred to as an "800" or "605" unit. The only major difference between these two units is how the pitman shaft is held into the unit. An 800 unit has a four-bolt cover on the top of the unit (the end of the s
  6. Wondering if you were able to get any mordern compounds, like a Carbotech or Axxis Ultimate.
  7. Do you have any additional info or pictures on that car ? Nicely done, except for that shifter.
  8. After 25 years in storage i would be surprised if the gas had not solidified in the lines bought a 50 Merc years ago from storage and i had to drill out the fuel lines to get gass to the carb. Could be your issue.
  9. http://rivowners.org/features/evolution/FisherBodyPlate_63-65.pdf looks like AC PW remote mirror tint glass PSeats and radio
  10. As stated, it would be chancy just replacing the ring with another used ring gear. Alternatively you could replace them as a set, used. The posi is the gem. If you had an open diff with the gears you like then (I think, there was a case of different carriers with more race gear sets in chevs, maybe not in Buicks) you could replace the carrier (the open) with your posi. ad use those gears. Setup is not that difficult. But just use the gears you have now. Should be fine Hope this helps
  11. Not necessarily so. I have always used thread locker on these bolts to prevent them from backing out, as you have experienced. From what i can see in your pics, it appears to be only the outer parts of a few teeth on the ring that are damaged. For the purpose of daily driving and cruizing the gear would be fine. If it were disassembled it, i would grind off the rough outer edges.
  12. So i am wondering if the front sheetmetal fenders hood and bumper fit onto the 67-69 cars ? I can see it fitting on the 68/9 but unsure of the 66-67. Have not had a chance to explore the cars and check myself. Sometimes i have seen where mfgs have used the same chassis and changed the rad support, making sheetmetal swapping more difficult. But as the chassis remained through these years i think it should be possible. The hidden wipers on the 68-70 might limit the 70 swap to 68-9. Anybody know ? Thanks in advance
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