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  1. Thanks guys! Your help is always appreciated.
  2. My 1990 Reatta has working AC but I would like to top up the refrigerant. Gets plenty hot here in Sacramento! I'm a little confused by the label on the unit which states "For Use With R12 and R134a Refrigerant" I tried searching the topic but trying to read all the AC topics was a bit overwhelming. First of all I thought the R12 and the R134a products were incompatible but the label seems to indicate otherwise. Obviously, the R12 is not available any more, and I am in California so that makes it even harder. So, can I go buy a can of R134a recharge and add it to the system? Is the input valve on the fill hose going to be compatible with the existing fixture? Thanks for any help...
  3. I need tp replace the steering column in my daughters 1990 coupe due to excessive steering wheel wobble. This wobble is not the kind that can be resolved by tightening the inner bolts so that is not a solution. I have already obtained a replacement column from a same year donor but I have concerns about the security feature of the ignition key. Will I be able to use the original lock cylinder and key in the replacement steering column?
  4. Great idea Ronnie! I think Harry's results show a quick benchmark that can easily be used in the field. I just measured two that I obtained in the junk yard. One went in 1" and the other went the full 3 1/2" as Harry's did. Also, the one that went 3 1/2" also had quite a bit of residual fluid remaining inside. I recall there was brake fluid in the system when I removed this one. For that reason I left it upside down to drain it all out. When I retrieved it to do the measurement a considerable amount of addition fluid leaked out. I think this supports the idea that the deep insertion indicates a ruptured bladder which had become filled with fluid. It might not prove that the ball is good, but should certainly prove when it is bad... Good work Harry! This is exactly what I had in mind. A quick go - no go test to do in the field. Thanks Guys!
  5. I'm wondering if there is a way to test an ABS accumulator ball without power, or outside of the car. I have seen a couple in the junk yard but I obviously have no way to test them there. And I'm not sure of how they fail. Is it all or nothing, like a popped ballon, or something more gradual or subtle? I've thought about some sort of hand pump. I realize it won't apply the high pressure required but it would be an obvious fail if it failed to hold any pressure at all, right? Alternatively, is there a procedure for a simple "garage" check? Maybe using common tools or a compressor or some such? I could test it by swapping in and out of my daughter's 1990 coupe I guess, but I prefer not to use it as a test bed. I don't want to mess with something that is not broken. Thanks
  6. I'm relatively new to the Reatta. I bought 1990 coupe a couple of months ago and my college age daughter loved it so much I gave it to her! So now I am actively searching out replacements and spare parts. I have come across some parts that were too good to allow to be crushed so I am now offering them for sale. All the parts listed below came from a couple of different 1988 California Reattas. All in good to excellent condition. Drivers side vent glass with frame and mirror attached. ABS Rear Wheel Speed Sensor CRT Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Headlight Switch Button Dash Inserts and Vents (set of 4) All interior parts listed below are Maui blue: Door Pull Straps Steering Wheel (non-Air Bag) A-Pillar Covers, left and right. Dome Light Cover Sun Visors (left and right) Leather Head Rests (left and right) All of these items are listed on eBay but I am open to offers from the Reatta community if you contact me here. If you do an Advanced Search by Seller you will find me listed as Stokes888. Or just follow this link for the Vent Window and select See Sellers Other Items on that page Thanks for looking...