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  1. Hey all, After replacing and resealing the valve cover gasket on the '89 16 valve I'm working on, the engine still leaks oil. We've tracked the problem to a leaking camshaft seal, but I haven't been able to find any replacement parts... Has anyone dealt with this problem before? Thanks!
  2. I'm working on 203724: 1989, Red Exterior, Tan Interior, DOHC
  3. Update: my mechanic friend came over and helped me disassemble the shifter, and after proper lubrication, it now shifts great! Thanks for all the help, I look forward to reading and posting here again.
  4. Thanks for the quick response! I already took out the front seat and removed the dash (the seat controls were in fact glued in, because the screw posts were broken, haha). I then disconnected the shifter cables and undid the three bolts holding the shifter assembly in. Here's where my problem starts: the L-shaped plate on the left side of the shifter assembly seems to be holding everything in, and is connected by the large pin in the front and the pivot bushing in the back that I wasn't able to remove with a moderate amount of force. Again, this isn't my car, and I really don't want anything to break. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, first time poster here. I've recently started working on my grandma's '89 16v 5 speed TC. The problem is, the shifter is pretty stiff. I read another 5 speed thread on this board, and I followed the cables back from the transmission to the shifter, and I identified the shifter as the source of the stiffness. Now, I'm a bit stuck when disassembling the shifter assembly, and i really don't want to break anything. Any hints/tips when it comes to this? Thanks in advance.
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