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  1. Of course it will,Tom. There isn’t any engine that won’t fit in anything. The little Stude I have is getting a 454 transplant. Come look and make sure you get all the little parts that will make it easier.
  2. Thanks Bill and S. Any help is always appreciated. Done a couple of 55 chevys with the gasser beams, never a Stude.
  3. Thanks for that info, still new to Studes. You called it, the plate is 12g c5. Glad to hear to won’t come apart at 130.
  4. It has 4 wrap around windows. Engine is a 6 cyl with a three speed trans, drive shaft and rear end go too. Entire front frame from firewall forward. I’m located in Hadley, ny, upstate near Lake George. Still in the car and running good so anyone can hear it run, thanks .
  5. Thanks Craig. I’m not sure . It’s a 2 door with the rear window that looks like a b52 gun turret. The engine is a bbc454. The weight in that semi unibody is sketchy. A 2x3 tubing frame is in the planning. Wish me luck
  6. Thanks guys, was hoping someone could use these parts. Don’t want to just scrap them. Car is on its way to a 60s gasser. Sorry to the original people. I’ll try posting where you said.
  7. Old car builder, new to Studebaker. Redoing a 52 Champ Starliner. Any body need the engine, trans, and rear end. Also the front frame and suspension front of firewall? Also have 5 tires and wheels.
  8. Hey Parrts, from my experience with Model As, I’m pretty sure they will run on warm expired beer.
  9. Hey Carl. Still have the 39. Trying to get 15,000 for it now. Trying to get money in the bank for the old lady. Start it up once and a while, driving gets harder without power steering on the old girl.. they keep taking parts out of me, like an old car but don’t have any new ones to put back in. Thanks for the talk, hanging in there,, Jerry
  10. Thanks Matt. No not advertised anywhere else. Like Pete said, spring and summer are better for old car sales. I use it all the time to shop and cruise, so signs on it will probably sell it at Lowe’s or Walmart. What snow Pete, sunny and 80’s. You know I’m only kidding. Need Firestone town and country snow tires. That’s what my father always had on his cars in the 40,s and 50,s.
  11. No Gary, still have. Not one call of interest on the car. Probably have better luck at the shows this summer.
  12. Leave it to crooked politicians to screw everything up. A few years ago there was legislation pending to destroy all vehicles prior to the date they imposed severe pollution laws. There was a big uprising by we who loved our sport.
  13. I have to confess ,Earl, our stations upstate sell non ethanol 91 octane. That’s all I use in the Buick and my boats and jet skis. I should send you some. Yea Ben. The tank is mounted on the wood above the tire. I thought of using an electric pump . Like I said the vacuum boost helps the wiper. I might install a boost tank like the 50s Buick’s have.
  14. Earl, I’ve used fuel cells on several cars I couldn’t get original tanks for. They’re aluminum or plastic foam filled gas tanks. Prevent sloshing or explosion in the event of a crash. I put an aluminum 20 gal in the Buick. Started underneath then got lazy and mounted in the trunk to the side so I could keep the spare tire where it goes. I don’t have an electric pump, wanted to keep original for the vacuum part for my wipers. Gas this week jumped to 2.19 due to the influx of tourists and college kids. I did sell the dual carb manifold to a member on the forum, it was for the 320.
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