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  1. I am looking at any part for a 1931 Commander clutch (Bearings, plate, springs, ...) Thanks a lot
  2. Not yet but I will probably find few things .... JM
  3. · Hi, I wanted to share with you all and get comments, advises and ideas. We just finished the restauration of a 1931 Studebaker commander that was transformed in a speedster at an unknown period. I found the car 7 months ago and worked on it with friends in Florida. The chassis of the car seems to be a lowered/modified Studebaker based chassis from 1925’s but not really sure as it was modified and most of the parts like dumpers (Houdaille) and others were changed I don’t know when. I left as much as I could original parts (which were on the car) tr
  4. Looking for a 1931 Studebaker Commander water pump for my straight eight. Thanks a lot JM
  5. I am looking at a 1931 (or any compatible year) Straight height commander water pump. JM
  6. I am looking at a top Stifter for my 1931 commander gearbox. Over the time my car was transformed into a speedster with latéral gear Stifter. All the best Jean Marc
  7. Hi I am also looping at 1931 Model 70 hub cap Tough mine is a racer and I am not sure the original Wheels are on it. Can you meseaure the Diameter of the hub cap you need so that I could compare. Would you go for repop ? buying 12 maybe better ? all the best JM
  8. Actually not an option as I will race the car and most racing rules imply Cables ... All the best JM
  9. Thank you very much. I talked with George and will be sending my cables to him today. Help really appreciated. Thanks again. Jean Marc
  10. Pretty hard as this is a Studebaker Racer. The engine is a straight height from 1931 and the frame a very modified 1929 Studebaker. It has been lowered and most of the parts are not original or custom. The suspension dumpers are Houdaille for exemple.... I will probably have to measure the current cables and find generic ones that I will need to adapt. JM
  11. Any good place to find front and rear brake cables ? All the best Jean Marc
  12. Hi I would be interrested by the steering column that I see on a picture. Any infos on it ? All the best Jean Marc
  13. Ref of the Steering box It's a Saginaw Gear 258858- (6 or 9 or C) JM
  14. I am looking at a Pitarm for my steering box. I don't have the exact date (1928 I was told when buying) and it seems to be for a Studebaker, It's a 36 dents for what seems to be a 1' 37 hole ? Or if anyone can help me identify what year and model it is that would help (I will take pictures of what's on the steering box). This is going on a 1931 studebakker special, a racer I bought few months ago. the Steering box was broken and I did aquire one on ebay (see pictures) Thanks a lot
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