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  1. I am looking at any part for a 1931 Commander clutch (Bearings, plate, springs, ...) Thanks a lot
  2. Not yet but I will probably find few things .... JM
  3. · Hi, I wanted to share with you all and get comments, advises and ideas. We just finished the restauration of a 1931 Studebaker commander that was transformed in a speedster at an unknown period. I found the car 7 months ago and worked on it with friends in Florida. The chassis of the car seems to be a lowered/modified Studebaker based chassis from 1925’s but not really sure as it was modified and most of the parts like dumpers (Houdaille) and others were changed I don’t know when. I left as much as I could original parts (which were on the car) trying to respect as much as possible the intent when it was transformed in a racer. I have no history on the car but the fact that it was in the same family for years. That was in Tennessee. We did totally part the car and rebuilt it changing and repairing what had to be fixed. We kept the paint where it was possible but did added new parts (tank …) that had to be painted. The only little upgrade we did are the 4 Strombergs carbs to feed the beast better and 8 in 1 Hexaust manifold and of course the radiator ornement where I have been lucky to find a 1931 Studebaker fraust El Diablo ornement directly made by Varnier I am thinking of now leaving the car asys and enjoy driving it. All the best Jean Marc
  4. Looking for a 1931 Studebaker Commander water pump for my straight eight. Thanks a lot JM
  5. I am looking at a 1931 (or any compatible year) Straight height commander water pump. JM
  6. I am looking at a top Stifter for my 1931 commander gearbox. Over the time my car was transformed into a speedster with latéral gear Stifter. All the best Jean Marc
  7. Hi I am also looping at 1931 Model 70 hub cap Tough mine is a racer and I am not sure the original Wheels are on it. Can you meseaure the Diameter of the hub cap you need so that I could compare. Would you go for repop ? buying 12 maybe better ? all the best JM
  8. Actually not an option as I will race the car and most racing rules imply Cables ... All the best JM
  9. Thank you very much. I talked with George and will be sending my cables to him today. Help really appreciated. Thanks again. Jean Marc
  10. Pretty hard as this is a Studebaker Racer. The engine is a straight height from 1931 and the frame a very modified 1929 Studebaker. It has been lowered and most of the parts are not original or custom. The suspension dumpers are Houdaille for exemple.... I will probably have to measure the current cables and find generic ones that I will need to adapt. JM
  11. Any good place to find front and rear brake cables ? All the best Jean Marc
  12. Hi I would be interrested by the steering column that I see on a picture. Any infos on it ? All the best Jean Marc
  13. Ref of the Steering box It's a Saginaw Gear 258858- (6 or 9 or C) JM
  14. I am looking at a Pitarm for my steering box. I don't have the exact date (1928 I was told when buying) and it seems to be for a Studebaker, It's a 36 dents for what seems to be a 1' 37 hole ? Or if anyone can help me identify what year and model it is that would help (I will take pictures of what's on the steering box). This is going on a 1931 studebakker special, a racer I bought few months ago. the Steering box was broken and I did aquire one on ebay (see pictures) Thanks a lot